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Turkey-Syria Earthquake Havoc and Rehabilitation

Turkey is a country that is prone to earthquakes due to its location on a seismically active zone. In recent years, there have been several devastating earthquakes that have affected different parts of the country. Recent earthquake of 2023 has brought a worse havoc and destruction in the country. is standby with out Turkey-Syria Earthquake brethren in this ordeal time. We have collected aid and self-sponsored collection to send to those affected in the country.

Death Toll Exceeds Five Thousand

The Turkish and Syrian governments immediately launched a massive rescue and rehabilitation operation. Despite the fact, the death toll crosses 5000 human lives loss. Pakistani Emergency services were quickly dispatched to the affected areas, and aid were mobilized to feed the injured and affected. The government of Pakistan in assistance with real estate developers also provided financial assistance to those affected by the earthquake, including compensation for loss of property.

Rehabilitation Moves on the Go

The earthquake caused extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure, resulting in the loss of more than 6000 lives and injuring thousands of people. The government launched a large-scale rescue and rehabilitation operation, with the military playing a crucial role in the search and rescue efforts. The government also provided financial assistance to the affected people, including housing and medical aid.

Pakistanis Giving Helping Hands to Victims

It’s heart-warming to hear that Pakistanis feel to help the Turkish earthquake affectees. Natural disasters can cause widespread devastation, and it’s important to come together as a global community to support those in need. An anonymous Pakistan-origin businessman donated $30 to the Turkish earthquake victims. If you’re looking for ways to help, there are several organizations and initiatives you can give your financial and material donations to:

  • Human Appeal Pakistan is a local NGO that has launched a fundraising campaign to support earthquake victims in Turkey. You can donate to their cause through their website.
  • Edhi Foundation: The Edhi Foundation is most well-known charitable organizations in Pakistan. And they’re actively involved in providing aid to those affected by natural disasters. You can donate to their relief fund, and they will allocate to areas that need it most.

No matter how you choose to help, your support can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by the earthquake in Turkey.

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