Real Estate Forecast—Post General Elections 

The real estate of Pakistan is currently in a recession. Real estate first has a recession and then takes off. Then it goes up like a boom and then it comes down like rocket. Real estate keeps moving up and down. Every four to five years there comes a cycle. Which has come at this time which is quite down, the market which is at this time is due to political instability. However, the picture seems to be changed in post general election. You see the dollar is also getting better, things are getting better but since the real estate is down at this time, then one should invest in it because this investment is down and the investor is a buyer and the stable market suits him.

Economic Condition Impacts Real Estate  

When the market goes down, your share holder buys shares, gold buys gold, builder buys bars, this is the only buying in the world. However, since we are ignorant or have less knowledge or we do not know, then overall our behavior is that till date I have sold real estate properties worth Rs 30,35,000 in Pakistan. also builds high rise project Bahria Prime in Bahria Town. So, being a simple analyst, we know or have knowledge about a lot of things. Investors cannot be called investors, they can only be called plot buyers. Either we are a seasoned person or you are not an investor because you people do not know when you have to buy something.

In Which Sector to Invest  

Those who are off buyers of real estate properties are those people who are risk-takers. Out of 100 buyers at 90, 90 people invest when the market is at its peak and 10 are those people who buy things above these stable rates. Those who are benefiting, that is why you have seen the profit in the property. You are seeing that everyone is buying the property, but the good benefit is that less people are earning. So, this is the same work people are doing property business through investment in apartments for sale in Lahore, and plots for sale. 

Now let us give you an example, now if you have a farm community near Ring Road Lahore. When there was a commercial worth Rs 22 crore in the district inside Bahria Town, there were many buyers, big buyers. People were taking it like crazy from big investors.  

This is the real right time, till date we have always said that it is the right time, now is the only time on which you can invest, what is the reason for that? Well, now I am telling you what is going to happen after the elections, how will the market improve after the elections?

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