Property Files Purchasing—Truth to Be Told

Man, people have invested in the files with plots; they are sitting holding the files. It is a matter of daydream. They think purchasing property files will bring them riches. Recently, homebuyers blindly purchased plot files in the hope that there would be an improvement in the files after the elections and that their price would be better. Let’s know with that the work of the files, the business of files, when is this

The Reality of Property Files

The file business runs only when the world is earning money. The commoner earns money and has 2-4-5 lakhs in his pocket. And the situation in the country is like this. Inflation is also low, and what happens is that people buy files. Some people say that giving some five lakhs means they think our house will be built like this. Property agents waive a honey trap of luxurious houses. They start dreaming of more than 5 lakhs these people doing business of files, they want such people only. It is said that those who do not have money should dream; they are told that yes, you will get like this.

Post-Election Impact on Property

While everyone is busy with the illusions of buying property files in the hope of posting a better situation, some government ministers, advisors, and MNAs vow to wow. If everyone starts making money, then the poor man gets two to four lakh rupees, and after buying those files, the money digests them, and they become famous again and then disappear again and return. When dire circumstances happen, they disappear, and good circumstances come again. Similarly, the property files go on. Then, the files are not a business, and there is no real estate. Instead, plot files are a trust that you are placing on the people who are not trustworthy either. It just happens, or beyond that, they are trustworthy people; they have created that trust; they have created huge bills by imposing huge social media campaigns and by doing this, they have created a huge trust.

How Property Scammers Trap People

They give confidence to the people looking to invest in plots by organizing big events, and because of that, poor people lose their money and then earn money again. Hence, after the elections, everyone will expect the situation to get back to normal. They give false hope that after the elections, the economic situation will be expected. However, it only sometimes happens. They will earn more money and run away. So, investing in apartments for sale in Lahore or villas for sale rather than buying just property files and lamenting later on is better.

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