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Advantages of Buying Property in Blue World City Sports Valley

Blue World City Sports Valley Block in Blue World City Islamabad is a remarkable addition to the already impressive Blue World City. To count Advantages of Buying property in Blue World City Sports Valley as Asia’s and Pakistan’s largest purpose-built tourism metropolis, Blue World City has established itself as one of Islamabad’s major housing societies. The newly opened Sports Valley Block showcases a unique and modern design, offering residents access to luxurious athletic arenas. Let’s cast an eye on the leverages of investing in the Blue World City.

International Theme Architecture

With the successful completion of previous attractions such as the Burj al Arab, Water Theme Park, and Horse Mascots, investors of BWC and developers of BWC aim to infuse Sports Valley with the same vigor and enthusiasm.

Central Location

Blue World City Islamabad enjoys a prime location on the prominent Chakri Road, near the Chakri Interchange. It offers direct accessibility from the M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, making it convenient for residents and visitors alike. Its close proximity to Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and the newly built Islamabad International Airport further adds to its allure.

Unique Sports Dedicated City

Sports Valley, the latest development within Blue World City, is strategically situated. It is connected to the 208-foot wide main avenue, which directly links to Defence Road. The block is in close proximity to the General Block and Overseas Block, enhancing its accessibility and convenience for joggers and exercisers.

Wider Areas More Opportunities

The development of BWC Sports Valley is progressing rapidly. With the acquisition of 1115.125 acres of property, the commitment to its overall development is evident. The construction of the separate entrance for the Sports Valley block is underway, and the 208-foot-wide main boulevard is already completed, seamlessly connecting it to Defence Road.

Other Amenities in BWC

In addition to the largest cricket stadium in Pakistan, various exciting amenities are being construct in Sports Valley. The Torch Hotel, Villagio Mall, Bowling Alley, Blue Mosque, Gym, Cricket Academy, Sports Club, Apartments, Parks, Volleyball Court, Indoor Games, Cycling Track, Hiking Trail, and Special Monuments are all part of this vibrant development.

Investment Oriented

BWC Sports Valley embodies the importance of infrastructure, rewards, and services in a thriving community. It strives to create a complete and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents, ensuring their satisfaction and enjoyment to yield fluffy ROI.

Startup Opportune

With its grand vision, exceptional design, and commitment to providing outstanding amenities. Blue World City Sports Valley Block stands as a testament to the dedication and innovation. The Blue Group of Companies and their pursuit of creating a world-class tourism metropolis in the heart of Islamabad. For the entrepreneurs to start their ventures here in countless opportunities.

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