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Pakistan Government Increase Taxes on Non-Filers

In an effort to curb tax evasion and ensure transparency in the trading of plot files in private housing societies. The Pakistan Government Increase Taxes has introduce for non-filers in the upcoming budget (2023-24). Private housing schemes across the country have been found to evade withholding taxes while transferring plot file information. As discovered by NEXTHOME.PK through its sources. The target audience for this development are license real estate brokers. Who facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers of real estate.
By hiding actual transfers and continuing to plot sale-purchase files without paying taxes. Many private housing societies participate in tax evasion. The FBR will take steps in the upcoming budget to document purchasers and sellers. And assure tax payment in an effort to stop such actions at private housing developments.

For Buying Selling Plot Files in Private Housing Societies

As of July 1, 2023, the FBR will publish enhanced values for immovable properties. In conjunction with the government of Pakistan. The FBR has begun the process of updating the value tables for properties throughout the country.
Numerous private housing societies have been involved in tax evasion. By concealing actual transfers and continuing to register plot files without paying taxes. To address this issue, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) will take measures in the upcoming budget. To document purchasers and sellers and ensure tax compliance within private housing developments.
The proposed legal amendments aim to enforce tax payment on the buying and selling of plot files by private housing societies. As well as the proper recording of real estate transactions.
These measures by the Punjab government and FBR seek to promote transparency, discourage tax evasion. And ensure a fair and equitable real estate market. By implementing stricter tax regulations on non-filers, the government aims to generate revenue and foster a more accountable and regulated property trading system.
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