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Your Guide to Investing in Dee Heights, Islamabad

With ultramodernity in living standards and incredible investment opportunities, this is the project under the name of Dee Heights Islamabad. With more than an informative post, this discussion will be Your Guide to Investing in Dee Heights, Islamabad. Through this post, our real estate analysts will explain how you can invest in Dee Heights residential project earning a higher ROI. Our aim is to usher you toward the best property projects in Pakistan with reliable real estate consultancy for local and foreign investors. A smartly interactive property portal with us is an accurate benchmark for all of your needs for property dealing concerns in the country.

Dee Heights—A Lucrative Opportunity in 3 Sister Towers

Keeping in observation the potential of increasing housing spaces in Islamabad, Dasti Associates have launched this trio-tower residential building project. The all-sister towers with adjacent proximity are dedicated to residential purposes. The project wholesomely encompasses a 10-Kanal spacious land reserved for building and other amenity spaces such as parking, a patio, community space, and the entrance.

How Many Floors of Each Dee Height?

As of now, the developers have yet to officially announce the number of floors of each Dee Tower Islamabad. However, according to architects and other associated engineering firms, the project will consist of 11 floors for each Dee Heights. Next-Home Real Estate Consultants have already tied the knot with the developers to sell the apartments for sale in Islamabad. Nonetheless, the potentially interested investors who want to soak investment capital in this project will surely be dunked with the doubled profits.

How Many Apartments Will the Dee Heights Have?

Though the project is under construction on a rapid development course, real estate experts foresee the project as an iconic addition to Islamabad’s landmark. Initially, the developers declared as many as 200 apartments and flats in Dee Heights Islamabad. All of the project timelines comprise the housing spaces. Somehow, to assimilate the project’s aura with world-class standards, additional commercial amenities will be subsided for the residential community.

Housing Schema of the Dee Heights

The developers have split the projects into four optionable apartments in Dee Heights Islamabad. Because of the area of covered space of 10-Kanals, more than 200 Luxury Apartments are equipped with State-of-the-art amenities in Dee Heights Islamabad. Along with a spacious car parking facility and separate housemaid rooms to make sure that nobody intrudes on your privacy. The housing schema of Dee Heights is given below with the choicest options of flats in Islamabad Dee Heights. Next-Home Group of Property Advisors helps you invest in the following apartment plans in the project.

  • 1 Bedroom Apartment
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment
  • 4 Bedroom Apartment

Dee Heights Apartment Size & Price Plans

The projected apartment size and price plans of the Dee Heights Faisal Town, Islamabad, are proposed by the official developers as under. Next-Home Real Estate Experts are here to help you pre-book the apartment of any bedroom standard.

1-Bedroom Apartment

A 1-bedroom apartment in Dee Heights Tower covers 667 – 743 sq. ft., and the price per square foot is Rs.9000 to 9700.

2-Bedroom Apartment

A 2-bedroom apartment in Dee Heights covers 970 – 1551 sq. ft. area, and the price per square foot is Rs.9500 to 9700.

3-Bedroom Apartment

A 3-bedroom apartment in Dee Heights is comprised of a 1,852 sq. ft. area, and the price per square foot is Rs.9700.

4-Bedroom Apartment

A 4-bedroom apartment in Dee Heights Islamabad covers a 2,100 sq. ft. area, and the price per square foot is Rs.9700.

How Can Next-Home Be Your Investment Assistant?

Next-Home Realtors strongly affirms the notion nothing less is better until you reach your taste stratum of real investment. One of the leading high-rise horizons of the capital of Pakistan, we assist you in booking an apartment in Dee Heights Islamabad in building trio in Faisal Town, Islamabad. For more information visit next property portal or dial +92304-111-0309.

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