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Finance Ministry Approves Release of Development Funds For 1QFY23

After stringent hiatus, it had been a worse nightmare for Pakistani economy. For the past couple of unpredictable years, Pakistan faces a unprecedented economic challenges, these led to bring development projects on halt. However, after IMF assurance to release a bailout loan package, the present govt. has boosted with confidence to invest in infrastructure projects. In a bid to release of the funds from International Monetary Funds (IMF), govt. of Pakistan along with the Finance Ministry approves release of developments funds for 1QFY23. Such an announcement has brimmed real estate investors though the real estate and property sectors would likewise grow. The gigantic amount of the funds will be spent on infrastructure, water and sanitation projects. So, these projects are direct paradigms for the property arenas. Next-Home Realtors assesses this plan to be a revival for hibernating investment trends in Pakistan.

Share of the Development Fund out of the Package

Amid the release of FY-2022-23 budget, finance ministry lays out a plan to allocate scrupulous fund share for the developments of infrastructure. On July 14, 2022, the official bodies of Finance Ministry of Pakistan has iterated to reserve 20% of the funds for the development projects. The planning commission of the finance consortium proposed to take out some PKR 800 billion for the said projects. The pragmatic proposals have already been sketched out for which this chunk of money will be spent. This is one of the relieving gesture that would surely help dig out the gyms to support the staggering economy. Real estate investors welcome it as a promotor of the overall country development insight. Pakistan can also attract international investors to invest in land and property areas in Pakistan. The ministry extends a proper guidelines for allocating fund shares under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP).

Areas For Which Funds Will Be Disbursed

Land Development For Govt. Institutions such as universities, hospitals, road expansions

  • Water and Sanitations
  • Parks and Horticulture
  • Apartments and Urban Developments
  • Power Development

Timeline For Fund Allocations

Policymakers and analysts proposed a predefined timeline for budget allocations. After a thorough scrutiny the project managements issued the reports to go ahead with best utilization of the funds. The the planning commission extends to release
20% of the total PKR 800 billion will be allocated for the year for the first tenure of Fiscal Year 2023. It makes around PKR 160 billion in fund money pile.
As per the finance ministry proposals the 160bn will purely be put into physical infrastructure.

  • The amount of funds will be disbursed to seep from July to September.
  • The planning commission similarly pledges to allocate 25% in the second trimester from October to December, 2022.

It must be noticed that govt. diligently approves fund increasing the fund instalment. Similarly, the funds also to be put on the urban development.
Following the planning commission is to release 30% of the total 800bn on the property and land development along with water and sanitation.

  • Next ahead the third trimester from January to March, 2023, the remains of the funds (25%) in the final trimester from April-June, 2023.
  • The finance governing body set the regulations as per the general rules of para of Chapter III of the Public Finance Management Act, 2019, to issue funds.

Effective Disbursement With Transparency

Government of Pakistan undergoes a hard line odyssey since the economic fallout. Therefore, ministry has strictly instructed the Planning Commission on eyeing on finance flows to ensure a pragmatic project implementation with transparency. For this purpose, a special cell will monitor the expenses and fund disbursement practice by dint of pre-auditing finances and businesses. The governing body is also arranging separate instruments for each fund bailout disbursement for that very project prospect. For this reason setting up a reliable accountability is align with the National Bank of Pakistan so that private involvement could be thwarted. It is necessary to note that the federal government has proposed a federal budget for the fiscal year 2022–2023 (FY23) of PKR 2884 billion, out of which for PSDP alone a huge amount of PKR 800 billion is dedicated for highways, urban and rural road and infrastructure projects in Pakistan.


The big news of big fund release is threshold for economic growth of Pakistan. Such a hefty budget for development projects will undoubtedly revive the stagnant economy of Pakistan. Direct impacts on real estate and property sectors are getting observed since the finance ministry took the decisive shot. Next-Home Real Estate Consultancy weighs this mega fund release as a sigh of relief for the reluctant property investors and land developers. Our analytical approach will help you to intuitively invest in the real estate sectors. We know better when and where it is best to invest for a promised ROI (Return on Investment).

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