AsaanHome Arranges Staff Training on IMC For Customer Service Enhancement

In today’s fast-forwarding era, customer retention is far more important than relying on a few clients. Real estate developers want to have more client services; Asaanhome is also moving forward with training sessions for their team to enhance sales proficiency. The purpose of Training is to provide potential homebuyers and investors with a better service when buying apartments. Team Asaanhome will host you with consultancy for Bahria Prime Apartments & Sky Villas. The Asaan Home Pvt Ltd recently organized an exclusive training session specifically for the Director of Sales at IMC Builders and their team. This customer-dedicated initiative will lead to a significant milestone in Asaan Home’s commitment to customer service excellence.

Training Session Minutes

The event commenced with an introductory address from Mr. Ali Khan, who is the CEO of Asian Home Pvt Ltd. He highlighted the importance of fostering strong partnerships to increase sales strategies. The collaborators also shared their experiences to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the market. The training session opening signifies an inspiring tone for the session to outgrow the collaborative nature of the real estate industry.

What is the Training Curriculum?

The training curriculum by the Asaanhome thoughtfully covers multifaceted aspects of successful sales in the context of Bahria Prime – Apartments & Sky Villas. The open discussion by the industry experts facilitated interactive workshops to offer in-depth insights into market trends. So, customer preferences also lead to effective sales techniques tailored specifically for high-end properties.

Session Highlights at a Glance

One of the session’s highlights discusses the walkthrough mode of customer service for the Bahria Prime project. The Asaan Home’s development team will welcome the potential customer and investors. The Participants also gained firsthand knowledge about the unique selling points of the apartment for sale in Bahria Town Lahore. The immersive experience enabled the IMC Builders team to grasp the project’s value proposition thoroughly. It will also enhance the ability to articulate its benefits to prospective buyers.

How Will Training Work For Clientele?

The influence of the Training is strategically viable for the Clientele because the collaborative atmosphere fostered during the training session. It will encourage lively discussions and knowledge to share among participants. Moreover, the sales professionals also exchanged best practices with their teammates. On the contrary, the emerging leaders answered the invaluable questions and insights from team members.

How the Session Wound Up?

The participants expressed deep appreciation for the invaluable learnings and actionable strategies in the session windup call throughout the day. The Director of Sales at IMC Builders commended Team Asaan Home for their unwavering commitment to excellence and expressed enthusiasm about applying newfound insights to drive impactful results around their organization.

This exclusive training session serves as a testament to Asaan Home’s ongoing pursuit of excellence in the real estate sector. The Training has equipped the industry professionals with the advanced knowledge to foster collaborative relationships. The Asaan Home continues to redefine standards of service delivery and consultancy within the real estate industry.


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