A Tourist Guide to Karambar Lake

Explore Karambar Lake for an unforgettable adventure; it’s a must on your tour list of 2025. The trek is rated easy to explore. However, trekking for multiple hours may involve risky and tiring adventure. That’s so why, prior experience is a must-have for safety and enjoyment purposes. The diverse trek in northern Pakistan has various entry and exit points to the lake which makes it unique and captivating. Karambar Lake is located on the boundary of Broghil Valley and Ishkoman Valley. It offers breathtaking views for the visitors. The easiest route is from Chitral side via Mastuj and Broghil Valley. You can explore round trip from Islamabad which takes 11 days, including two nights spent at the stunning lake.

Karambar Lake at a Glance

Karambar Lake ranks as the 31st highest lake in the world. It lies near Karambar Pass which is a famous Passage between the mountains. The pass also connects Broghil Valley and Ghizer district. With a width of approximately 3.3 KM and an area of 2.56 square km. The valleys infuse a spectacular views around the lake. Such beautified landscapes boast impressive dimensions around the lake. The primary lake’s outflow feeds into a mini lake before flowing downstream towards Broghil. Ribat Lake is another gem in the valley. It rests just a mile away from Karambar Lake. When trekking, limit your luggage to 1 piece (max 10 kgs) for allocation among porters. Due to the wild and remote terrain, providing facilities are at adventure level. It’s crucial for all participants to grasp the distinction between entertainment and adventure.

Ishkarwaz Majesty to Explore

In your itinerary, the journey to Ishkarwaz proves to be a challenging adventure. You can rave through remarkably rugged terrain to find the real sense of the lake beauty. Remarkably, you can have a jeep track open throughout the entire route to Ishkarwaz. Generally, this track is accessible only up to an area near Kishmanja, especially when river water overflows. So, you need to be very careful for any hazard indicating the natural challenges posed by the environment. It’s worthwhile that reaching Ishkarwaz under such circumstances takes an additional two days to the trek. It’s essential for travelers to factor in these extra days in your plans. You can witness the unpredictability and potential delays pertaining the overflow of river water in the surrounding areas.

Advice and Tips

If you are planning to explore the Karambar Lake in 2024, advises you to book your plan with a trusted tourist agency. If you want to go independently then renting a room in a hotel, motel, or local’s house can be the ideal options. Native residents there also offer the alternative to host you as paying guests. Be cautious and practice safety measures to explore the northern areas in Pakistan. Have a splendid tour ahead!

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