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Most Livable Housing Societies in Karachi

Let alone the population, the Seaport of the country also faces some residential challenges for the residents and new shifters. So, the real estate sector’s growth here is rampant. Next-Home Realtors keeps an analytical eye on the most popular areas with residential plots for sale in Karachi. This blog will brief you on the most amazing and chanceful housing societies to buy a plot to build a house. Let’s see what exciting colonies await you to invest your capital or purchase a plot.

Reason to Buy a House in Karachi

Being one of the largest cities in content Asia, this city is full of amalgam to give you a breakthrough to succeed in your business. Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan and has been informally known as the ‘city of lights’ for decades.

Real Estate on Highrise in Karachi

Not to brag about simply a city, it is mini-Pakistan, so you can sense how the real estate market in this city would have been growing with noticeable significance across Pakistan. To tackle the overgrowing population, Next-Home sees many realtors dunking hands in plenty of property and real estate projects such as houses, apartments, plots (residential or commercial), etc. are highly seasonable and reasonable on sale.

Gadap Town Karachi

Out beyond the Will o’ the-wisp, Gadap Town Karachi is located at the Sindh-Baluchistan border. This town has a vast expansion with multiple phases and sub-sectors for residential purposes. With a positive spectrum from investors and interprovince residents, this town renders a full swing of platonic pleasure. When it comes to emerging residential selection in an affordable price plot range, there is no other good choice other than Gadap town Karachi.

Why Buy a Plot in Gadap Town Karachi?

Gadap Town offers one of the best residential opportunities for middle-income families. If you are on the search to hit an investment-oriented and great plot range, Next-Home recommends you this very town. Subsequently, G. Town Khi provides some exceptional breakthroughs for both mid-scale and high-scale real estate investors. So, these factors make Gadap town a worth living and investing place in Karachi.

Plot Price Range in Gadap Town Karachi

The residential plot stretches range in Gadap Town from 120, 240, and 500 sq yd, respectively. Next-Home Real Estate Agency helps you know in which plot size you should invest. Let’s dive into learning how much these plots will cost.

  • 120 sq yd size plot price ranges from 3 Lakh PKR to 1.25 Crore in PKR.
  • Residential plot price size of 240 sq yd price starts from 8 Lakh PKR to 1.6 crores in PKR.
  • A 500 sq yd Bungalow residential plot price ranges from the cost of 50 Lakh PKR to 3.15 Crore in PKR.

Scheme 33 Karachi

Scheme 33 is viewed as one of the biggest schemes of properties in Karachi. It takes the third spot among the given pecking order; hence the absolute hunt record is high, and 17.6% of the complete proportion that coordinates to the greatest real estate resources into private plots over the course of the last years. You can find a lot of plots in particular lodging and commercial schemes in this area, to be specific; Meerut Society, Lawyers Colony, Gulshan-e-Azeem, and other housing settlements around.

Why Buy Plot in Scheme 33 Karachi?

Scheme 33 is outdoing many residential schemes in Karachi thanks to the various reasons behind the variation around the presence of other counterpart societies having versatile locations and statuses from developed to under-development phase. You can easily find a residential plot at affordable rates in under-construction societies. For instance, a plot buyer can easily choose a residential plot from the 120 sq yd plot range in Amna CHS, which is under development. However, the same-sized plot may cost you more than Rs. 10 million in any developed society.

Plot Price Range in Scheme 33 Karachi


  • The cost of a 240 sq yd housing plot in Scheme 33 Karachi varies in the range of 20 lakh to 3 crores.
  • Large Sized Plot 600 sq yd for Bungalow construction may range from Rs. 60 to 5 Crores.

DHA Karachi

DHA is a great-to-go housing society for healthy and secure living as well as an investment as it offers the world-class facilities of round-the-clock prudent security, medical centers, gyms, educational institutions, mosques, recreation centers, and playing grounds and outclass shopping malls to its residents. Most of the richest people in Karachi prefer to live in DHA, and reputed corporates also opt for office launching here because of its world-class amenities and aura. Office working-class and residents can hire public transport, including taxis and buses, to easily reach the DHA Karachi as easy access to residents and working-class from several sides of Karachi.

Summing Up:

The post is summing up but still, the ending doesn’t happen here, and you can reach an online property portal or your local property agent to learn more about purchasing a plot in Karachi housing societies. is a property database website that can help you find your desired plot for residence in Karachi. You can reach us through our official phone line or WhatsApp to find the choicest plot with us in the city of lights.

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