LDA Mega Projects Opening to Traffic Before End of 2023

The previous government of the Punjab had taken some practical and swift measures to bring the solution to Lahore traffic congestion. Since, the government started some megaprojects in Lahore to resolve traffic jam problems in the city. Some of the most appealing infrastructure developments are Akbar Chowk Flyover, Shahdara Flyovers and Khalid Butt Underpass. LDA is opening these megaprojects for traffic before the end of 2023. It is Great news for Lahoris who face either day traffic jam and slow moving. The four major infrastructure projects are almost ready to open for the public.

LDA Speeds up the Completion

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is speeding up the work progress of the projects. The management of the Punjab government and LDA are committed to turn the project usable for the public before the end of this year (2023). Lahoris welcome the gesture and laud the swift work progress of the projects. So, get ready for smoother routes in Lahore! The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is bringing the four mega projects close to inaugurations nearing completion. All formalities and requirements are set to open to traffic this month. Among the four mega projects in Lahore are

Akbar Chowk Flyover

To confluence of Johar Town and Faisal town had been confronting with rough and slow traffic flow. Though, Akbar Chowk Flyover was initiated to complete in record time! This flyover, along with ten U-turns and a redirection to Maulana Shaukat Ali Road aka PECO Road, will be completed in just six months. Before that it was expected to be completed in the original ten-month estimate. Not a single tree was uprooted during construction of the Akbar Chowk Flyover. This makes it an eco-friendly achievement.

Shahdara Flyover

The entrance of Lahore now will breathe easier at Shahdara due to Underpass construction. The flyover will be finished in a swift seven and a half months. This will beat the initial ten-month target.

Khalid Butt Chowk Underpass

Residents of the Cantonment side areas will now escape the traffic jam at Khalid Butt Chowk. This underpass will be ready in just two months. In contrast with preliminary estimate the four months from the original six-month timeline.

Bedian Road Underpass

It is time to say goodbye to congestion at Bedian Road. This underpass will be ready in just two and a half months. This project is also going to be completed within the record time.

The entire LDA team and contractors have been working tirelessly day and night to make these projects a reality. Their dedication has resulted in impressive completion times, setting new benchmarks for infrastructure development in Lahore.

How These Projects Will Facilitate Traffic Management

These projects are more than just concrete and steel. They represent a commitment to improving lives in Lahore. By easing traffic flow, reducing congestion, and improving connectivity, these projects will make commutes faster, safer, and more enjoyable for road commuters.




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