Chinese Deputy Premier He Lifeng Visits Pakistan to Celebrate 10th Anniversary of CPEC

China Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the game changing initiative between Pakistan and China. It was initiated in 2013. Recently, Chinese Deputy Premier He Lifeng Visits Pakistan to Celebrate 10th Anniversary of CPEC. He came on a historic visit to Pakistan to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This visit took place in the backdrop of a changing global landscape. It highlighted the enduring friendship and strategic cooperation between the two countries.

Background of CPEC

CPEC was launched in 2013 by Chinese Government to strengthen its economic growth. It is a transformative initiative to connect Gwadar Port in southwestern Pakistan to China’s province of Xinjiang. The corridor is a network of roads, railways, pipelines, and energy projects. It has already made significant scope in boosting economic growth and connectivity in the region.

The Visit at a Glance

Deputy Premier He Lifeng’s visit to Pakistan was a symbol of China’s commitment to this ambitious project. During his stay, several key developments and agreements were signed. These agreements will further strengthen the bilateral ties between the two nations.

What MoUs were Signed

One of the key highlights of the visit was the signing of several memorandums of understanding (MoUs) related to CPEC projects. These agreements cover a wide range of sectors. Among the noticeable MoUs are energy, infrastructure, and industrial cooperation. The projects outlined in these MoUs will not only enhance Pakistan’s infrastructure but also create job opportunities. Likewise, it will stimulate economic growth in the region.

Cultural Exchange Influence

Beyond the economic and strategic aspects, the visit will strengthen the cultural exchange bonds. The Chinese Deputy Premier emphasized the existed cordial relationship China and Pakistan for decades. Both countries are keen to promote cultural exchanges with an emphasis on education, language, and tourism. These cultural exchanges will not only enhance people’s understanding of each other’s cultures but also promote greater social cohesion.

Impact on Pakistan’s Economy

The visit of Chinese Deputy Premier He Lifeng to Pakistan was a testament to the friendship between the two countries. It depicts the success of CPEC as a model for mutually beneficial cooperation. This will bring prosperity to Pakistan and strengthening China’s economic links with the world. Furthermore, it will increase the importance of cultural and environmental cooperation. The delegates asserted that the relationship between China and Pakistan goes beyond economics and politics.


The 10th anniversary of CPEC was celebrated with great enthusiasm during Deputy Premier He Lifeng’s visit to Pakistan. The agreements signed are a testament to the commitment of both nations to deepen their strategic partnership and bonds of friendship. As CPEC continues to evolve and grow. It remains a shining example of how cooperation between nations can lead to shared prosperity and development.

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