CDA Takes Action Against Unauthorized Showrooms in Islamabad

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has hit a crackdown on unauthorized showrooms in Islamabad. This grand clearance that CDA Takes Action Against Unauthorized Showrooms in Islamabad has cleared plenty of occupied land. The anti encroachment operation got kicked off on a Wednesday morning. It has already resulted in the closure of several showrooms in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

Why Anti Encroachment Operation

The CDA’s decision to launch this anti encroachment operation was start after numerous complaints from residents regarding these encroaching showrooms. These businesses were operating without the necessary NOC. Major reason behind it was the traffic jams and pollution in the area.

Warning By CDA

The CDA–competent authority has made it clear that it will not be reluctant to close down more showrooms if they are found to be breaching the law. The CDA authorities are actively encouraging residents to report any illegal showrooms they notice to the CDA.

Public Message From CDA

A CDA spokesperson stated, We have a zero-tolerance policy for illegal encroachment in Islamabad. We will continue to take strict action against unauthorized showrooms and other similar enterprises.

He further advised the public to take part in this grand clearance operations to make Islamabad with a better connectivity. For the people of Islamabad, it’s important to be proactive and report any suspicious showrooms to the CDA. You can easily do this by dialing the CDA’s helpline at 111-000-888. He added.

Overview of the Clearance Operation

To recap, the CDA’s operation against unauthorized showrooms began on a Wednesday, 30 August morning and has already resulted in the closure of several such businesses. This action was taken due to numerous complaints from residents. As these showrooms were operating without the required licenses, so they were causing traffic congestion and environmental pollution. The CDA is standby to close down more illegal showrooms if they continue to operate unlawfully. It is actively encouraging residents to report any such businesses to them.

CDA Issued Multiple Warnings

It is essential to recall that CDA has issued several warnings to the unauthorized encroaching showroom dealers. However, after multiple attempts to restrict the encroachment, CDA finally had to take stringent action against the car showrooms dealers.

This initiative by the CDA is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. This is to ensure that businesses abide by the law and do not disrupt the community. Implementation of future obedience is the utmost importance. It sends a strong message to all businesses in Islamabad that illegal encroachments will not be tolerate.


Moving forward, the CDA should maintain its vigilance and take continued action against illegal businesses in Islamabad. This will contribute significantly to preserving the cleanliness and orderliness of the Capital city.

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