Lahore Development Authority Cracks Down on Illegal Housing Schemes

In a striking move to curb illegal housing development by the real estate developers, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) on Friday demolished the establishment of six illegal housing schemes along Multan Road in Lahore. The furiously grand operation was carried out on the Private Housing Schemes by the Wing of LDA. The zero tolerance operation commenced with the contingent of police and heavy bulldozing machinery. The crack down team initiated the targeted Manga Valley Housing Scheme, Ahmed Farms Maraka, LSD Housing Scheme, Springs Garden Scheme, Maraka Homes, as well as Maraka Housing Scheme.

Why Did LDA Initiate the Razing Operation

The LDA crackdown team meticulously dismantled the illegal structures alongside the roads, sewerage systems, makeshift offices, and built-in office buildings. They further razed the entrance gates, and boundary walls of the housing schemes. Before the stringent action was taken, the LDA sent out demonstrated strong message to developers who operate outside the legal framework and disregard city planning regulations.

LDA officials stated that Prior to the demolition, they had issued multiple notices to the concerned housing schemes. We warned them not to develop an authorized and illegal property there. However, in spite of urging them to comply with the established guidelines, they ignored our warnings. Thus, their failure to adhere to the regulatory framework necessitated this forceful intervention.

What is the Motives of Crackdowns

The crackdown on illegal housing schemes is part of LDA’s ongoing campaign to maintain urban expansion in accordance with planning and preparation. So, this crackdown move is to prevent haphazard development as well as to save the interests of potential property buyers. LDA Director General Muhammad Ali Randhawa has asserted the importance of continuing these operations to ensure that development in Lahore is as per the city’s master plan and adheres to established building codes.

LDA’s Stance on Illegal Property Developments

The demolition of these six illegal housing schemes serves as a stark reminder to developers that operating without proper authorization will not be tolerated. LDA’s unwavering commitment to enforcing regulations will undoubtedly deter future attempts to control the legal process.


The action taken by LDA is also crucial in safeguarding the environment. Illegal housing schemes often encroach upon natural areas so that they don’t disrupt the ecosystems to cause environmental degradation. By demolishing these unauthorized structures, LDA is contributing to the preservation of Lahore’s natural heritage.


Furthermore, the crackdown on illegal housing schemes protects the rights of potential property buyers. Investing in unauthorized developments carries significant risks. So, these projects often lack basic infrastructure, lack proper legal documentation, and may face future demolition orders. LDA’s actions safeguard buyers from such pitfalls and promote transparency in the real estate sector.


LDA’s demolition of these illegal housing schemes is a significant step towards maintaining urban order, protecting the environment, and safeguarding the interests of property buyers. This action demonstrates LDA’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that development in Lahore adheres to the city’s master plan and complies with established regulations.

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