Real Estate Pakistan–New Investment Trends

Pakistan has witnessed history’s worst economic downfall since COVID-19. Political instability and bureaucratic corruptions are the main responsible of the economic tumultuousness. Amid all these havoc, real estate of Pakistan has been suffering a lot. Due to hefty taxes on the property also engraved the situation. But now thankfully, the real estate Pakistan is facing new investment trends. keeps you updated with the latest trends and recommendations of investment in Pakistani real estate market.

What is the Current Condition of Property Market?

The real estate market in Pakistan is growing now, after the country’s economic crisis. Real estate Investors are still interested in investing in Pakistan’s real estate market. However, owing to the political climate, local and international investors are reluctant. So, it requires careful consideration to invest in the sector. Our analysts have explored the World Bank report. The report says, Pakistan’s real estate market is expected to grow by 30% in the coming next five years.

Share of Real Estate in Pakistani Economy

The real estate industry is the second-largest employer in Pakistan, after agriculture. The report also states that the real estate market is key to Pakistan’s future development. The real estate market in Pakistan has been trending upwards for the past decade. There is a high demand for low-cost residential solution. So, it is leading to an increase in the construction of gated communities and housing projects.

Govt.-Backed Initiatives

Government initiatives such as the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s construction package and the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme have also boosted the country’s real estate market in Pakistan. Gated communities are becoming increasingly popular, as buyers value the sense of security they offer.

What are Chanceful Investment Opportunities in Property?

There is considerable growing demand for commercial real estate, especially in cities with diverse business communities. In 2023, many new mega and moderate residential projects were launched in major cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar. Some of the most prestigious housing projects include RUDA, LSC, Park Lane City Lahore, Kings Town, Maryam Town and Etihad Town Lahore. These projects offer luxurious lifestyles, prime locations, affordability, and luxury amenities. They have helped to upgrade the living standard in Pakistan and create new investment and employment opportunities.

Where To Invest in Real Estate?

The top cities for real estate investment in Pakistan are Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. These cities are in high demand due to their high population density and diverse economic opportunities. Real estate investment in these cities is likely to yield high returns on investment (ROI).


The real estate market in Pakistan is growing, despite the country’s challenges. It is a crucial sector for the country’s future development and offers good investment opportunities. So, residential and vertical investment in the real estate sector is the paradigm of best ROI. So, recommends you to invest in the housing projects and corresponding commercial ones. To learn more or investment consultancy explore our website or dial our helpline.

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