Green Certifications For Commercial Buildings A Guide to the Leverages and Ideas

World is facing enormous challenges since 70s. One of them is the global warming. Thereby, buildings need to be built according to the compatible environment standards. Green certifications for commercial buildings are the such programs that assess and certify the environmental response of a building. Generally, these programs cover aspects such as energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, indoor air quality, materials selection, and site architecture. There are several different green certification programs available, each with its own criteria and rating system. sheds light on most recognizable international Green Certification Programs that you can obtain for your corporate infrastructure.

Leverages of Green Certification For Commercial Buildings

There are many potential leverages of green certification for commercial buildings.

Environmental Impact Reduction

Green buildings use less energy, water, and materials, and produce less waste than traditional buildings. This can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It also conserves natural resources, and protect public health.

Health & Well-being of Residents

Green buildings are designed to provide healthier indoor environments for the building residents and users. This leads to reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, and increased employee satisfaction.

Operating Costs Saving

Green buildings are capable to save money on energy, water, and maintenance. So, this way it saves costs over the long term.

Increases Property Value

Green buildings are often more desirable to tenants and buyers. That’s how it may lead to increased property value.

Enriches Reputation

Green certification can help building owners and operators to demonstrate their commitment. Though, this way it enriches popularity and reputation of the building.

Eminent Int’l Green Certification Programs For Commercial Buildings

Some of the most international popular green certification programs for commercial buildings are mentioned in the following. urges you to get a certification of one of them for your commercial building to enhance its overall worth.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM)

  • Green Globes
  • WELL Building Standard

How to Choose a Green Certification Program

When choosing a green certification program for your commercial building, there are a few factors to consider mentioned in the following.

Your Specific Goals

What are your primary motivations for pursuing green certification Do you want to reduce your environmental impact, improve occupant health and well-being, save money on operating costs, or increase property value

Getting Started with Green Certification

If you are interested in pursuing green certification for your commercial building, the first step is to choose a program. Once you have chosen a program, you will need to work with a qualified professional to assess your building and develop a plan for achieving certification. The specific steps involved in the certification process will vary depending on the program you choose.



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