Exploring the Popular White Palace Swat

Moving back in time there we encounter the White Palace Swat. Exploring the Popular White Palace Swat, this palace makes as also a fascinating tourist attraction in the Swat Valley, Pakistan. The name White Palace suggests thanks to the magnificent white marbles and glasswork intricacies. The mausoleum was built in the 17th century by the Mughal emperor Jahangir.

What Special For Tourist Attraction

The White Palace is a mesmerizing attraction for tourists to have excursion on the history and culture of the Royal Family. The palace is classified into several amazing sections. In the following section, we will explore the majestic beauty of the palace with its distinctive aspects. has always tried to bring more than real estate news to keep you informed with the enthusiastic prospects of Pakistan.

Amusement that tourists can do at the White Palace

Stroll the Courtyard

The courtyard is the significant of the royal palace. It is beautified with squirting fountains and lush gardens. Tourists can relax in the courtyard and have meals in the garden with the views of the surrounding mountains.

Visit the Royal Mosque

The royal mosque is one of the masterpieces of the Mughal architecture in the Swat Valley. It is decked up with intricate carvings and Islamic calligraphy. Tourists can explore the Islamic religion and the history of the mosque.

Explore he Harem

The harem is subject to the private section of the palace. It would be dedicated to the royal women of the royal family. Tourists can look into the lifestyle of the women of the regal households and how they would live in the harem.

Capture the Spellbinding Beauty

The White Palace is an exquisite white marble that is a mesmerizing backdrop for any photo. Tourists can capture pictures of the palace. It worth photographing the courtyard, the mosque, and the surrounding mountains.

Learn about the History and Culture of the Swat Valley

The White Palace is a fascinating place to peek through the history and culture of the Swat Valley. Tourists can explore furtherly about the Mughal dynasty, the Islamic religion, and the traditions of Swat Valley.

Tips and Advices For the Tourists Visiting the White Palace

Wear Comfortable Shoes The White Palace is a vast palace to explore. You need to walk a lot to explore the palace. Tourists are advised to wear comfortable shoes so that they can enjoy visit in fullest.

Keep a P-Cap and Sunscreen with You The White Palace is located on a hilltop and can be very hot in the summer. Tourists should bring a hat or cap and sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun and dusty wind.

Bring a DSLR The White Palace is a stunning palace and tourists will want to take lots of pictures. Tourists should bring a DSLR camera to capture all of the amazing sights.

Be Harmonious The White Palace, especially the mosque, is a holy place for Muslims. Tourists should be respectful of the Islamic religion and the customs of the Swat Valley.

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