Punjab Government Constructing Rs. 2 Billion Road to Connect Gujranwala to Motorway

The Punjab government is undertaking an ambitious road project to link Gujranwala to the motorway, providing a much-needed shortcut for motorists traveling between Gujranwala and Lahore. The 15-kilometer road, with an estimated cost of Rs. 2 billion, is set to improve connectivity and boost economic activity in the region.

Project Detail:

The road will consist of four lanes and will be divided into two sections. The first section, spanning 7.5 kilometers, will connect the Gujranwala-Narowal Road to the M-3 motorway. The second section, also 7.5 kilometers long, will stretch from the M-3 motorway to the GT Road. The Punjab government aims to complete the project by the end of 2023, benefiting countless commuters in the process.

Advantages of the Motorway Link Road

Travel time between Gujranwala and Lahore is expect to be significantly reduce once the road is complete. Currently, the journey takes approximately two hours, but with the new road, it is anticipate to take only around one hour. This time-saving convenience will not only benefit individuals but also contribute to the overall improvement of transportation efficiency in the region.

Project Purpose

The construction of this road aligns with the Punjab government’s comprehensive plan to enhance road infrastructure across the province. A substantial budget has been allocate for road construction in the current fiscal year. With the 15-kilometer Gujranwala-Motorway road being one of the many ongoing projects in the region.

Max Speed at the Road

The Punjab Highways and Transport Department is responsible for executing the project, with M/s Mian Brothers Construction serving as the designated contractor. Striving for excellence, the road is being construct according to international standards. Ensuring durability and safety for the motorists who will utilize it. Once completed, the road will have a speed limit of 120 kilometers per hour, allowing for efficient travel.

Benefits of the Project

The Punjab Government commit to developing road infrastructure is evident in the construction of the Gujranwala-Motorway road. This strategic project will enhance connectivity, reduce travel time, and stimulate economic growth. As the construction progresses, motorists and businesses alike eagerly anticipate the completion of this significant infrastructure development.

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