CDA Prepares to Begin Construction on Alexander Road, Connecting Islamabad with Haripur

The Capital Development Authority CDA Prepares to Begin Construction for the commencement of construction on the Alexander Road, which will serve as a vital link between Islamabad and the Haripur area. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is expect to inaugurate the project on Tuesday, alongside the newly constructed Margalla Avenue.

The road derives its name from the Alexander Well, located on the border between Islamabad and Haripur. However, an official name for the road is yet to be finalized. However, cohorts of the name supports the name after great conqueror Alexander the Great. He used the same route while his battling expeditions.

Stretching over a distance of 7.5 kilometers, the road will extend up to the Kenthla area and holds the potential for future connections to the Haripur region. The CDA will undertake the construction within the jurisdiction of Islamabad, with the road terminating at the Islamabad-Haripur border near the Kenthla well.

It is worth noting that the project has yet to receive Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) approval from the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). However, a senior CDA officer argues that an EIA is not require for this particular project. Since it primarily involves the improvement and widening of an existing road.

Regarding funding, the CDA will incorporate the widening and overhaul of the road within a rural area development package. The federal government has previously approved a package of Rs. 10 billion for developmental initiatives in rural areas.

According to further details, the road will have a width of 24 feet. And will be construct following the pattern of an existing road from the zoo to Monal. Importantly, the entire 7.5-kilometer road will pass through Zone III of Islamabad, located within the Margalla Hills area.

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