Negotiation Factors in Buying an Apartment

There are two aspects of negotiation to buy an apartment: firstly, on which value should you negotiate, and secondly, what should be your approach while doing this negotiation with the builder. So let’s start. You pay a fee on one, one is agreement value and the second is other charge. Now agreement value is also often called concentration value or sage concentration and it includes first the base price and then documentation and then its preferred location. Your accord is to select the floor apartment like in Bahria Prime Tower, Kingdom Mall can be viable. So, floor you want to buy apartment on includes tax in it. Now some builders include tax parking in the agreement value and some builder includes this in other charge.

What to Assess in Builders?

To understand what approach should be taken, we will have to understand the builder’s process. Now whenever you talk to the builder about the final price, the first thing the builder’s sales manager will tell you is to finalize a unit. After finalizing the unit, you will get Tell him about the major offers and discounts on the unit.

  • Free trap or a free modular kitchen wardrobe
  • Special Offer or a direct discount of Rs 2-3 lakh.
  • Free Parking
  • Free Maintenance For 3 Years
  • After giving you this discount, he will ask you if you are serious about buying the apartment.

How to Understand Builder’s Process?

Now it is clear what is the builder’s process. Now what is your approach in this process? When the sales manager asks you to finalize a unit, then at this stage you should ideally finalize a non-cost unit, a unit in which there is no additional charge involved even if you have liked any flat unit. But if you want to negotiate a better deal then you have to tell the sales manager that I like this particular apartment. You write a check for the unit and show it to him so that he can get approval from his scenario to find out a best deal for you. So, now that you have a best final price, at this stage it is very important for you to know the fair market value of the slide.

Assess Fair Market Price

Once the builder has given you the final price. You The builder should make his price based on the fair market value. Now why am I saying this? It should be aggressive but it should also be logical. If the price is very big and you have quoted an illogical price then the sales manager will feel that you are not serious. If yes and he will be totally disinterest and he will not talk about any discount in any scenario. Then he should feel that you are serious and the price you have given is probably achievable. So, he will tell you that this price is probably possible.

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