3 Summer Home Decor Ideas

Summer often lasts longer in Pakistan. has the perfect summer DIY projects for you that you can make during your vacation or any other time. These ideas are super easy to make and they will help you to make your home more cheerful and cute. And today’s blog is a special one to decorate your home with DIY.

Summer Decoration Idea 1: Wind Spiral

You need plastic folders, scissors, a pencil, a ruler, and nylon thread for the wind spiral.
You need to decide what color you would like to use and then measure out a square. It should be about 15 centimeters long on each side. Then, you need mark the center of the square and start drawing a spiral starting from this point in the middle. The space between the lines will be about one or two centimeters. It doesn’t have to be perfect. However, you need to just try to make it as even as you can.

Summer Decoration Idea 2: Butterfly Wind Chime

For the next project, you are going to need scrapbook paper, beads, nylon thread, scissors, clear tape, and a branch. We found mine in the park on the grass. Then, measure out a square in the size of your choice. We started with a big butterfly, so we measured out a square that’s about 12 centimeters, but you don’t have to be that accurate. Then, cut it out and fold the inside from each side like so. Then, fold the paper again so the open side is facing towards you and the spine is to the left. Then, start drawing a butterfly. You can actually draw any shape you like, but we went with butterflies, of course, and cut it out.

Summer Decoration Idea 3: Ribbon Wind Chime

For the last DIY, you are going to need an embroidery hoop in the size of your choice, different kinds of ribbons, scissors, a hot glue gun, and nylon thread. For this project, I chose ribbons with different sizes and textures to make it look more fun. Then, I went ahead and cut my 1-meter-long ribbons in half. If you did that too, take the loop and remove the inside loop first. Then, we can go ahead and attach the ribbons to the outer loop with hot glue. Then, add the glue to the inside and glue on the rest of the ribbon to the loop as well.

Final Touch

This way, you get a clean finish in the end. To make it look more flowy, we glued on the ribbons about one to two centimeters apart from each other. Then, go ahead and repeat this step with every ribbon you have until you cover up the whole loop. Then, cut some of the glued ribbons in half and glue them to the inside of the loop. This way, it looks like there’s more ribbon attached, but it also adds a fun design to the wind chime as well. Then, add the inner loop back inside and you get a ribbon wind chime.

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