Real Estate Sector Outdoes in the UAE—Pakistanis on the Lead

Along with travel and tourism, the Dubai property sector is also rising. This year, 108 USD is expected to be invested in the real estate sector. The property Data from the Dubai Land Department indicates that Dubai is still the favorite destination of the real estate investors worldwide. A total investment of 108 billion dollars is expected in the property in 2023-2024.Due to the attractive incentives the UAE government provides to attract foreign investors, Dubai’s property or real estate sector is now growing at an extraordinary pace. The measures taken by Saudi Arabia yesterday in the property sector, as well as in the workforce sector, are also subject to attracting more foreign investors. Saudi Arabia has announced that it will not collect income and gain tax from foreign investors for 30 years.

Total foreign investment in Dubai’s property sector this year will likely reach 108 billion. The total investment in the Gulf Cooperation Council member countries this year has been 172 billion dollars.

Pakistani Investors are in the Lead

Dubai’s property market continues to grow this year. Along with this, the number of Pakistanis getting UAE Golden Visa through investment is also increasing.
Compared to visas of other categories, the Golden Visa offers many benefits, including accompanying parents. The government of Dubai is taking extraordinary measures to attract foreign investors to invest. Waleed Al-Zaruri, CEO of the Capital. Has said that 127,000 capital deals have been made in the property sector this year. Investment is in the luxury resort and hotel industry and middle-class houses, apartments and shops. Waleed al-Zaruri also says that foreign investors prefer to invest in Dubai because the capital investment process is kept very simple; concessions are being given in terms of taxes and the basic structure of Dubai to generate high profits. It provides ample opportunities.

According to a report learnt by, with the boom in property business in Dubai, various digital platforms have also increased to help investors. Rich facilities are also being provided by the platform ‘Stack’ included in them.
Muhammad Burhan, Sr. Relationship Manager of Stack, says that the unique feature of Stack is that instead of buying a complete property, anyone can invest in our platform at their convenience and make a profit. Muhammad Burhan said that we provide an opportunity to invest in a project that is already ready. Most of properties are already rent out. Meaning they are generating income.
Stake’s Senior Relationship Manager further said that 23,000 people with Pakistani passports have invested and registered on our platform. The number of sitting investors in Pakistan is more than 7 thousand.
The platform also helps investors get Golden Visas. All those who have granted gold visas are in Pakistan. It is obvious that Pakistan’s real estate sector will outgrow in the coming years. So, there are great opportunities for real estate projects in Pakistan where foreign and local investors can yield higher ROI.

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