Property Taxes Insights in Pakistan

Like ever before, today’s blog,, will be very important for those who want to buy any property within 2024 or 2025. The government of Pakistan has announced its new property tax rates; now, both fillers and non-filers will have to pay a lot of taxes. Let’s take an overview of the tax changes and impositions. The tax has been imposed on non-filers, and the final tax has increased to more than 1%.

How much tax will you have to pay now?

If you are a landlord who wants to buy commercial property, whether it is a house, a shop, or a plot, even if you need to purchase anything, then how much property tax will you have to pay on it?

Details of the New Tax Rates

We will tell you all the details, but if you have not explored that, you will get property updates for every new blog. So, let’s move towards the details of the property tax insights.

Implications of Federal Board of Revenue’s New Tax Rates

This is the Federal Board of Revenue announcing its new tax rates for 2023-2024, on which, if you buy any property within 2023 or 2024, you will have to pay a lot of tax on it. Earlier, there was a slight hit in the tax of the filler, but now the tax on non-fathers has been increased significantly.

Tax Responsibilities and Consequences

Property tax is liable to the property owner who aims to sell or commercialize the property. So, the Federal Tax Bureau FBR also imposes property taxes on people who are non-filers. They should be made final so that everything in their records is in. So, let us walk you through the details of the b, and we will tell you. If you are a finalist or a non-filer, how much tax will you pay if you purchase any property?

Breakdown of Tax Implications based on Filing Status

So, first of all, if you are a finalist, one feature has been added to your tax when we talk about the purchase of property. Earlier, it used to be one fee; now, it has been reduced to two fees.
If you are a non-filer and purchase property, you must pay up to 7% tax here.
You can see how much tax you will have to pay. If you are a filer, you still get a little hit on your tax. On the other hand, if you sell the property and still file, then that too is 2%.

Additional Tax Responsibilities and Stamp Duty

You will have to pay a tax of Rs. 100,000. If you are spreading non-residential property, you will still have to pay tax of up to 4%, which means that the government has not given you any exemption, even if you purchase a property, even if there is a house inside it, be it a plot or any shop inside it. If you buy any property, the government will not give you any relaxation. On purchase and on sale, additional tax will be paid, and after that, if we pay stamp duty.


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