How Agri Land Conversion to Real Estate Threats Environment & Future Generations?

Pakistan has been facing rapid land development for 40 years. The speedy conversion of agricultural land has posed an alarming threat to the environment and future of the generation. believes in the fair and good conversion of the land. That’s the reason, we focus on bringing vertical building solutions because they save the land and host more occupants. Our analysts have used high-quality research to demonstrate the need to protect farmland and ranchland—and to provide solutions. We emphasize to save agricultural land for the following reasons.

Famine Threats

What is most threatening is the end of agricultural produce owing to impunity and disastrous conversion of Agri lands. We have noticed and inspired farmers and ranchers, legislators and planners as well as land trusts and conservationists across Pakistan. We are harnessing the latest technological advancements to accurately document the extent, diversity, location, and quality of agricultural land in continental Punjab —as well as the threats to this land from expanding commercial, industrial, and residential development. At the same time, we are conducting extensive policy research to assess states’ policy solutions to respond to the threats.

How Do We Need to Respond to Threats

We have analysed an Agricultural Land Protection analysis to show how we need to respond to save agricultural land. One thing is to immediately opt for a Multistory b. Many new developers responded to the threats of agricultural land conversion by introducing flat buildings. We have assessed six policy tools commonly used to protect farmland, support agricultural viability, to provide access to land to protect agricultural land from ruthless conversion.

• Must Obtain agricultural conservation NOC programs (aka Purchase of Development Rights) that permanently protect working farmland and ranchland.
• Land planning policies can manage growth and stabilize the land base. Authorities such as LDA, and CDA must define the strict policies to control unbridled housing society Developments.
• Property tax relief for agricultural land can also improve farm and ranch profitability.
• Agricultural district programs will be the source of encouragement for the landowners to cultivate land to protect farmland.
• Farm development programs are also great for connecting land seekers with landowners who want their land to be kept agricultural.

What is the Pragmatic Response From the Provinces?

The results of the analysis show that every province has taken steps to retain land for agriculture. However, all could be the case if the four provinces have enacted property tax relief and laws to enable local governments. They plan and adopt land use policies to offset development pressure on agricultural land. Nearly every province has a program to lease government-owned land for farming and ranching. So, the more than half have NOC programs. Some have gone further with innovative programs to address agricultural viability and facilitate land transfer. Yet only Lahore and Multan have adopted the full suite of the programs we examined. While Islamabad region stood out for its high score in planning. Thus, no Province earned a perfect score for a single policy to combat the agricultural land occupation towards residential property development.

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