How to Start and Strategize Home Renovation

Exciting right to get your home decorated this season? You’ve decided to upgrade your home and anything is possible. Everything is on the cards! But hang on for just a second, it can pay to pause. Are you 100% clear on your reason for renovating – is this your stepping stone home to something bigger, or are you trying to meet your growing family’s needs? Or maybe you’re downsizing for the next phase of life. Perhaps you’re creating your forever home, or you could be renovating to sell. With your reason sorted, you can focus on your space, design budget, and block. In short, you can get started – with confidence.

Design As Per Your Mood

Once you come to know why it is necessary to renovate your home, it’s moment to dive into the fun stuff – design. As you research looks and layouts, you will have to consider the functional elements of a house – how do you and your family want to use the space? But be led by the more emotional – how do you and your family want to feel in the space. Where are the places in your home you want to create calm to escape from the family chaos? How will you capture those summer breezes and late afternoon light to lift a mood?

What Parts To Renovation?

Have a think about how you live in your own home. What are the parts that you love? The parts you rave about to mates and that you want to make sure you keep. And, what are the parts that don’t work the dark or cramped areas or the spaces that just don’t get used. Think about the things you are jealous of in your friends’ houses or have loved from places you have holidayed over the years.

How to Create Mental Imagery For Renovation? recommends to create a vision board that will be a great way to capture how you want your home to look and how you want it to make you feel. Think of it as a true north for your renovation. The guide you return to when you make all your renovation decisions. When in doubt, and there will be doubts, you can always ask yourself ‘will it help me achieve my vision’?

Tips to Use Vision Board

A vision board can take some time so let those ideas evolve a bit. It’s worth it. We suggest including:

  • Create a master vision board for your whole project
  • Exterior and interior ideas
  • A board for each room or area of the home – including outside.

Follow architects, interior designers, landscape gardeners, renovators, and stylists you discover on sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and websites like online Design Ideas blog. They can provide a trove of ideas and design trends, solve problems, and explain ideas that are hard to describe.

Design Tips to Maximize Aspect – The View from Your House

Natural light and the connection between the exterior and interior of your home are the keys to creating the best aspect – even on narrow or uneven blocks.
Open-plan living, utilizing space and light, can give the impression of larger floor space, regardless of the size of your block.

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