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We keep giving you different updates on Bahria at other times. Today, Nexthome. pk is going to discuss a great project with you. We will talk about Bahria Prime Project, which is at a prime location in Bahria. This highrise project has been launch in a residential context, offering apartments for sale in Lahore. Let us tell you about its location. In the recent past, Bahria has cut big commercial plots in Tipu Sultan block.

What Residential Options Available in BP

The Developers launched the Bahria Prime at the same location as Tipu Block in BTL. Let us see the total area of the project. So, this is a project on four canals total area in which we have been offer a project in an excellent residential context. If we see which units are available to us from the developer end, it includes Studio, One Bed to Bed Three. There is the availability of bed plus four-bed apartments in which this project will be built in the best residential context, and it will be the highest residential highrise project of Baria; if we look at its where and surroundings, then we will have 150 feet wide middle in its very near By Vicente.

Location & Neighborhoods

This project is available in Sector F, Tipu Sultan Block. The most focused area of Bahria is in Sector F, where most developments are going on. Nearby neighborhoods of this location, we have Bahria’s own school operational. It is found from this place, if we see in the future, we will get the approach of Sector G and H which will be directly connected to Jati Umra Road and this main boulevard will directly connect us to Sector G and H along with Jati Umra Road. Such a location will connect to provide approach to rest of interior and exterior of Lahore city.

Things To Consider By Residents

Residents can consider this project in the residential context because, normally, the projects are left. There are two very good projects being built but they have a combo of commercial plus residential context. But we are getting this project specifically for the residential context. In the future, we will get two basements, one specifically for the residents’ use and both for parking. Basements will be designate on the ground floor. You will get total attics and future operational for the facility in this. From first floor up to ninth floor. Residents will have availability of apartments in which studio, one BHK, two BHK, three BHK, and four BHK apartments will be there. Excellent rates are offer in the Bahria Prime project. And if we look number wise, 30 plus discounts are being offer in this project.

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