Apartment Terms 1BHK 2BHK, and 3BHK—A Guide For Homebuyers

Apartments in Pakistan are turning into comparatively affordable housing solutions nowadays. Due to the increasing house construction costs and high-priced land(plots), homebuyers prefer to own an apartment for sale in the country. Flats or apartments are the same terms. However, when it comes to buying a flat in Lahore or Islamabad, you come across different apartment Terms such as 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK apartments. will provide you with a guide on these apartment types and Terms. We will also give you a way to find the best apartment according to your family’s housing needs.

Apartment Living in Pakistan

In the 1960s, Karachi was the first city in Pakistan to introduce apartments. Some early highrise buildings were built in Karachi for residential purposes. Later on, apartment residency became popular in other mega cities of Pakistan. In recent times, Lahore has become a city with the most popular residential urban area to introduce apartments for sale and rent.

What is the BHK Term For an Apartment

Apartment is a closed living space for residents. BHK is a short form of Bedroom(B), Hall(H), and Kitchen(K). So, apartments with these three distinctive portions are called BHK apartments. Unlike a house, an apartment does not have a veranda and an open courtyard. So, when we say a BHK flat or apartment, it means that the apartment has a bedroom, hall or TV lounge, and a kitchen.

Why were BHK Apartments Introduced

Prior to BHK architecture, apartments used to be built with a room (s) and bathroom. However, seeing the living custom of Pakistani families, engineers and architects reformed the apartment architecture. Now, homebuyers can find an apartment for rent or sale in Lahore with various BHK categories. Apart from these three flat spaces, an apartment may also have a balcony, drawing room, or washing space.

BHK Apartment Categories

Apartments in Pakistan are available in classified categories. BHK apartments differ in size, area, and number of bedrooms. Following are the 4 main BHK apartment categories. Each type consists of differential bedroom numbers.

1 BHK Apartment

A 1-bedroom apartment along with a hall otherwise considered as a TV lounge or family member area and kitchen. Due to having only one bedroom, we name it 1BHK flat.

2 BHK Apartment

This apartment type has 2 bedrooms and a hall adjacent with a kitchen. Sometimes, the second room in this flat type is treated as a drawing room. However, it’s up to the homeowner whether he takes it as a drawing room or bedroom.

3 BHK Apartment

A 3BHK Apartment has comparatively a large area in terms of occupied space. You can say, it is like a 3 Marla house. There are three bedrooms, followed by a hall and kitchen. This is a standard apartment size for the average family in terms of family members.

5BHK Apartment

The largest apartment in Pakistan is a 5BHK apartment. As much as 5 bedrooms are there in this flat. A hall or TV room (lounge) alongside a kitchen are built in a 5BHK flat. The apartment with the 5BHK category is perfect for large families. has complete information on BHK apartments for sale in Lahore and Islamabad. You can explore our online property portal or dial 0304-111-0309 to buy or sell an apartment.

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