Margalla Avenue-M1 Link Project gets 21 construction firms interested

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has moved forward the wheels in motion for a transformative infrastructure project. Margalla Avenue-M1 Link Project gets 21 construction firms interested. The different construction companies take interest in the contract to build a new 5-kilometer road. The road will connect Margalla Avenue to the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M1). As the news learned by the, the CDA is evaluating the profiles of these companies to make a significant move toward to enhance connectivity in the region.

Margalla Project Overview

The road project is proposed 3.4-kilometer long. Project planners have divided the road between Rawalpindi (1.8km) and Islamabad (1.6km). The plan is to provide a viable alternative route for commuters traveling between G.T. Road (N-5) and Islamabad. It will be a total of six lanes, this strategically crucial project. The initial cost for the project is valued at PKR 5.45 billion. The approval from the CDA’s Development Working Party (DWP) has been gained in August. However, the approved budget contains development and land acquisition expenses.

Construction Company Competition

The enthusiasm surrounding this infrastructure project is evident as 21 construction companies have thrown their hats into the ring for the potential contract. The CDA, posing as the overseeing authority, is currently underway in the meticulous process of evaluating each company’s profile. This phase is critical in ensuring that the selected firms align with the project’s goals and possess the necessary capabilities to deliver a road of both quality and durability.

Shortlisting and Tender Process

The CDA will move on to the crucial step of shortlisting the construction companies to followi the evaluation stage. Those shortlisted will then receive tender documents. Following, the commencement of the formal bidding process will begin. This stage not only fosters healthy competition but also ensures transparency in the selection of the company that will ultimately undertake the construction of the new road.

Linking D-12 to E-11: Key Connectivity

The significance of the road is that it will connect D-12 to E-11. This 5-kilometer stretch will link Margalla Avenue, spanning from G.T. Road to culminate at D-12. As the road takes shape over the next two months, so its completion is poised to significantly improve transportation and connectivity in the region. Such a measure will benefit both residents and businesses.

What’s it Strategic Importance?

Beyond its immediate connectivity benefits, the proposed road holds strategic importance. The road will comprise a six lanes in full length. It addresses the growing traffic between G.T. Road and Islamabad. So, it will mitigate congestion to optimize transportation efficiency. The CDA’s working paper shows the project’s role in improving the overall infrastructure landscape.


As the CDA works on the evaluation and shortlisting process, the vision of a new 5-kilometer road connecting Margalla Avenue to the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway inches closer to realization. The transformative impact on connectivity, coupled with strategic foresight and adherence to project timelines. Thus, it positions this initiative as a hallmark in Islamabad’s ongoing urban development journey.

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