MCI to Digitize Public Parking Fee in Islamabad

Since the population of Islamabad population is burgeoning day by day. Alongside the growing area saturation, the city faces a traffic congestion. Parking of the vehicles is one of the major agents to increase the traffic jam problem. To resolve this concerning issue, MCI is to digitize Public Parking in Islamabad. According to the latest updates from Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI), the city government in Islamabad intends to use the latest technology and the internet to handle the parking token you pay for parking. They plan to team up with a private company to set up this new software system of managing parking. The private company will take care of installing the system.

What will be Parking Fee

It’s important to know that the prices for parking introduced by the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) will stay the same. Because the company assures that there won’t be any increase in Parking Fee in Islamabad to the allocated parking lots. So, parking for cars will still be 50 Pakistani Rupees (PKR), and bike parking will remain 30 PKR. Private IT companies will provide technology solutions and financial technology (fintech) to make this change happen. The MCI Management has already invited to show their interest by submitting their ideas to the MCI. It will also will increase the revenue of the Local Government Islamabad from the parking fees. This will help the MCI to manage their finances with more convenience. The MCI will also share the revenue with the city government.

Which Parking Lots Will Be Under the System

In the early development of the project deployment, the MCI will focus on several congested and top locations around the Metropolis. These parking lots will comprise F-9 Park, Lake View, Kohsar Market, the G-9 Public Transport area, the Centaurus Parking Lot, and the Two Plaza Parking in F-7. The decision to prioritize these areas suggests that the initial efforts and improvements will be directed towards managing and enhancing parking facilities and related services in these well-known areas. The project subjects to make a visible and positive impact on the convenience by beginning with these prominent locations. Likewise, the efficiency of parking in these busy spots will also serve as a model for future developments in other areas.

  • G-9 Public Transport
  • Lake View
  • Centaurus Parking Lot
  • Two Plaza Parking in F-7
  • F-9 Park
  • Kohsar Market

No Company Showed Interest Yet

Even though MCI tried to find a company to collect parking fees at F-9 through an auction, no businesses were interested. This shows that there are special challenges with this project. However, the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) is determined to keep going and make public parking fees digital. This is a big move to make Islamabad’s city life more modern and up-to-date. They’re not giving up on making this important change happen.

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