Daducha Dam’s Construction to Resume Soon at Increased Cost

The caretaker Punjab government has taken shot to resume the construction of the Daducha Dam’s construction soon at increased cost. The revised cost is expected with plans of investment of Rs. 10 billion. It is a significant increase from the initial estimate of Rs6.4 billion. This adjustment is linked to the escalating construction prices of building materials. Despite the price hike, construction is scheduled to recommence by the end of the month. Though, it marks a significant step in addressing Rawalpindi’s persistent water lack issues.

How Will the Dam Benefit Rawalpindi Region

The dam will play a vital role in dealing with Rawalpindi’s water shortage by supplying an estimated 35 million gallons of drinkable water daily. This infusion of water resources is crucial for meeting the growing needs of the Rawalpindi region. The project, initially conflicted by legal disputes with landowner. However, now the management has overcome these hurdles to pave the way for progress. The solution to these disputes signals a positive turn. This will likewise allow the Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) to resume and push forward with the construction.

Vital Project For Agriculture

The Daducha Dam boasts a substantial total storage capacity of 60,000 acre-feet. Therefore, the dam will make it a significant reservoir for water. With an inflow of 77,000 cusecs and an outflow of 42,000 cusecs. This how, the dam is designed to efficiently manage water resources for agriculture uses. These specifications will determine the engineering prowess invested in the project. For making a good source of positioning power to land cultivation as a robust solution to Rawalpindi’s harvesting agri-needs.

The Location of the Dam

The dam’s strategic location and design gear up it as pivotal point in meeting Rawalpindi’s future water requirements. As urbanization and population growth continue, the dam will ensure a sustainable and sufficient water supply for the residents of Rawalpindi. This way, the dam’s strategic location becomes paramount for future development. The analysts say that Daducha Dam, once completed, will empower to contribute significantly to the region’s water security. Though, it will provide a lifeline for residents and industries alike.

Final Thoughts

While the Daducha Dam’s construction to resume soon at increased cost will boom the Landscape of the northern Punjab. Although, the project has encountered setbacks, yet the government’s commitment to its completion reflects the importance placed on addressing water need challenges for the entire Rawalpindi division. The major issues dealing with fresh water challenges are on the path to be resolved. The decision to proceed with construction despite the increased costs underscores the essential nature of the dam in securing Rawalpindi’s water future. As construction recommences, all eyes will be on the progress of the Daducha Dam and its potential impact on the water landscape of the region.

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