FBR’s New Tax Move Expanding Electronic Sales Tax Integration System

FBR seems to be in furious rush to collect more and more taxes. So, authorities of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) are on the way to FBR’s new tax move for expanding electronic tax integration system. In such a strategic move towards modernization and transparency, the Board of Revenue (FBR) is committed to broadening its horizon by extending the electronic sales tax (e-ST) integration system. This new and advanced tech-based system is to encompass a more diverse array of businesses. Whilst the current mandate confines this revolutionary system to Tier-I retailers, the FBR has ambitious focuses on integrating it seamlessly into various other commercial sectors.

How the e-ST will Work

The innovative sales tax system mandates businesses to generate real-time verifiable electronic sales tax invoices for each taxable sold product, supply, or service. This intelligent system will be in compliance with the full details of stipulated taxation amount under section 23 of the Act. Likewise, these invoices are documented to become the paradigms of a verifiable taxation system. The streamlined system towards electronic documentation marks a leap forward in the FBR’s commitment to efficiency and accuracy.

How Will This System Facilitate Businesses

It is noteworthy that the requirement for businesses to maintain meticulous records and documents will be possible for the subjected businesses for a period of six years. Though, by utilizing FBR’ online portal businesses will able to collect their taxation record and liabilities anytime and anywhere without having to visit FBR offices in person. This shift from traditional paperwork not only boom with global trends but also stimulate Pakistan’s image as a boomer in the digital economy. The electronic trail not only facilitates smoother audits but it will also augments the speed and precision of data analysis for improved economic policy formulation in future.

Other Benefits to Businesses

The online e-ST system will be a great stride to come with stern consequences for non-compliance (tax defaulters). Businesses that fail to adhere to the tax requirements of the new system may find themselves subject to penalties. Therefore, people will be able to determine their tax liabilities to pay in due time to evade penalties. In other words, this stringent systematic approach renders the FBR to enforce accountability to ensure a level playing field in the tax arena.


In conclusion, the FBR’s decision to expand its e-ST integration system incepts a new era in Pakistan’s taxation landscape. As it will embrace new technology in tax collection system, though it not only promises efficiency and accuracy but it will also sustain the government’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for businesses. As businesses navigate this digital transformation, the collaboration between the FBR and enterprises becomes pivotal for the success of this innovative approach to taxation.

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