DHA Multan Announces Updated Transfer Policies and Procedure

The authority of Defence Housing Authority has stated latest announcement on DHA Multan Announces Updated Transfer Policies and Procedure. The DHA proceeds with commitment to excellence to bring quality residential modes in South Punjab. It has recently announced a series of updated transfer policies and procedures, effective from August 1, 2023. These changes aim to enhance customer experience and streamline the transfer process for its valued members.

Waiver of Urgent NDC Fee

One of the significant changes introduced by DHA Multan is the complete waiver of the Urgent No Demand Certificate (NDC) Fee. This means that investors will no longer incur any additional charges for obtaining NDC clearance within 24 hours. This will make the process more efficient and cost-effective for the owners of the property.

Reduction in Executive Transfer Fee

The DHA Multan has decided to reduce the Executive Transfer Fee from Rs. 80,000 to PKR 50,000 in a move to provide financial relief to its residents and investors. This reduction will make property transfers more accessible and affordable. Likewise, it will encourage a smoother transaction process.

Reduction in Special First-Day Urgent Charge

Another positive change is the reduction in the Special First-Day Urgent Charge. The Charge has been lowered from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 30,000. This reduction is proposed to ease the financial burden on members seeking urgent property transfers.

Waiver of Other Urgent Transfer Fees

DHA Multan has gone above and beyond to make the transfer process as hassle-free as possible for its members. By waiving all other Urgent Transfer fees, members can now transfer their properties swiftly without worrying about additional charges.

Extension of Open Transfer Validity Period

To provide members with more flexibility, the DHA Multan has extended the Open Transfer validity period from 90 to 120 days. This extension allows members to complete their property transfers within a more comfortable timeframe, reducing any unnecessary pressure and stress.

Surcharge Relief for Distinguished Members

In a gesture of appreciation and support for its distinguished investors, DHA Multan is offering full surcharge relief to those who pay their overdue instalments by the deadline. This incentive not only encourages timely payments but also rewards responsible financial behavior.

Concession in Owner Surcharges

The DHA Multan recognizes the importance of financial stability for its stakeholders. As part of its effort to assist members in clearing their outstanding dues, the authority will give concession to the owner surcharges upon complete payment of pending dues. This reduction will provide financial relief and encourage timely payment of outstanding amounts. DHA Multan has vibrant potential in terms of investment. This will be a lucrative opportunity for Local and international investors. is here to offer best consultancy for DHA Multan. For further assistance explore our online property portal or dial 0304-111-0309.

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