Property Ownership and Digital Land Record in Punjab

Revolutionizing Land Records Property Ownership and Digital Land Record in Punjab has been designed by the Government of Punjab. It has embarked on a transformative journey to computerize land records throughout the province, marking a significant leap towards progress and prosperity. This monumental initiative aims to enhance service delivery and strengthen the perceived level of tenure security for the people of Punjab.

Background Notes:

The Punjab Land Records Authority (PLRA) was established under the PLRA Act-2017, operating under the administrative control of the Board of Revenue, Government of the Punjab. The PLRA assumes responsibility for digitizing land records, developing a digital property system for registration, and providing online services to the public.
The digitization of land records is a multifaceted and formidable task. Yet, the PLRA has achieved remarkable progress in this domain. Presently, over 90% of land records in Punjab have been successfully digitized, signifying that a vast majority of land ownership information is readily accessible online.

What’s Next with PLRA?

In parallel to digitization, the PLRA is actively working on the development of a property registration system. This system will empower individuals to register their properties online, offering a secure and transparent mechanism for property ownership transfers.

What’s More with PLRA?

To ensure public convenience, the PLRA has introduced a range of online services. These services include property ownership verification, acquiring land records (fard), requesting mutations (changes in land ownership), and facilitating property tax payments.
The computerization of land records and the establishment of the property registration system are pivotal milestones in Punjab’s land administration history. These groundbreaking endeavors will not only enhance service delivery but also bolster tenure security and foster transparency within the property market.

Leverages of PLRA Digitization

Let us delve into some of the key benefits of Punjab’s digital land record system:
1. Increased Transparency and Accountability
2. Improved Efficiency and Speed of Service Delivery.
3. Reduced Corruption and Fraud.
4. Increased Security of Land Ownership.
5. Facilitated Access to Credit
Punjab’s digital land record system is a momentous stride towards progress and prosperity. By improving the lives of people in the province and fostering economic growth. This transformative initiative heralds a bright future for Punjab’s land administration. The government’s commitment to modernization and transparency sets the stage for a more efficient and secure property market. Unlocking new avenues of opportunity for the people of Punjab.
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