The redesigned Akbar Chowk Flyover Plan has Been Approved

After much demands from public and careful consideration, the redesigned Akbar Chowk flyover plan in Lahore has finally received approval from the Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi on Wednesday, June 14, 2023. This significant development brings a ray of hope for the city’s traffic infrastructure and the long-awaited resolution to the chronic congestion issues at this busy intersection of Johar Town and Faisal Town.

Architecture of the Plan

The revised plan showcases several significant changes that subject to enhance the overall infrastructure and environmental impact of the flyover. Firstly, the length of the flyover has been reduce from the initial. Proposal of 2 kilometers to a more manageable 1.5 kilometers. This adjustment not only streamlines the construction process. But also ensures that it remains proportional to the requirements of the area.
Furthermore, the new structure of the flyover has been carefully chosen to minimize the removal of trees and mitigate the impact on the environment. By preserving the green cover in the vicinity, the redesigned flyover harmoniously blends with the natural surroundings, promoting a sustainable approach to urban development.

Site Plan Structure

In terms of capacity, the revised plan calls for three lanes in each direction, accommodating a higher volume of traffic compared to the previous proposal of two lanes. This increased capacity is essential in addressing the ever-growing traffic demands of Lahore, as it allows for smoother vehicular movement and reduces the likelihood of congestion.

Budget of the Plan

To expedite the construction process and optimize costs, the use of pre-cast concrete has been incorporate into the new plan. This construction technique offers numerous advantages, including faster assembly and reduced expenses. Enabling the project to stay within the estimated budget of approximately Rs. 3.1 billion. With these cost-effective measures in place, the project is anticipate to be complete within a span of two years.

How Redesigned Plan Will Help Curb Traffic

The approved redesign of the Akbar Chowk flyover marks a significant milestone in Lahore’s ongoing efforts to improve its traffic infrastructure. Besides alleviating congestion. The flyover is expect to have a positive impact on air quality and noise pollution in the area.

It’s Important to note that the construction of the Akbar Chowk flyover is part of a broader plan by the LDA. To enhance the city’s transportation network. The LDA is actively involve in the implementation of several other real estate projects. Including the construction of a flyover at Thokar Niaz Baig and an underpass at Ferozepur Road.

With the redesign Akbar Chowk flyover plan receiving official approval. The city of Lahore is poised to witness a positive transformation in its traffic infrastructure. This milestone not only brings hope for improved commuting experiences. But also showcases the city’s commitment to sustainable development and efficient urban planning.

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