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Punjab Govt. Initiates Online Portal System For Property Registration

In a significant move towards digitization and modernization. The Punjab government has initiated an online portal system for property registration in the province. The move aims to facilitate citizens in registering their properties online, saving them time and resources. The Electronic Deed Registration System (EDRS) will be implement. In all divisional headquarters across Punjab, starting from Sahiwal on 1 May.

The senior member of the Board of Revenue Punjab, Mr. Nabeel Jawaid, presided over a meeting on Thursday, 27 April. To discuss the e-registration process and its implementation. The authorities discussed the training plans for officers. That will take place from 28 April to 15 May in Lahore and all divisional headquarters across Punjab.

The meetings and seminars will be attended by all relevant officers from every district of Punjab. The authorities emphasized that the e-registration process, along with transfer and EDRS. Will be launched practically in Sahiwal on 1 May, followed by other divisional headquarters across the province.

How the Property Registration Will be Simplified?

The Implementation of the EDRS will significantly simplify the property registration process. As citizens will be able to register their properties online without the need for physical visits to government offices. The system will also reduce the risk of fraud and corruption. As all transactions will be carried out online, leaving no room for manual tampering.

This initiative is a part of the Punjab government’s broader digitalization plan. Which aims to make government services more accessible and efficient for citizens. The government plans to continue implementing digital solutions to facilitate citizens and improve governance in the province.

EDRS Will Help Homebuyers and Stakeholders

The move has been welcome by citizens and stakeholders, who hope that the new system will simplify the property registration process. Reduce the cost of transactions, and minimize the time required for property registration. With the successful implementation of EDRS, the Punjab government hopes to set an example for other provinces to follow and encourage them to adopt digital solutions to improve governance and facilitate citizens.

No Queue No Rush Just Click System

With this system, homebuyers can register their properties online, saving them time, resources, and the hassle of physically visiting government offices. The system also reduces the risk of fraud and corruption. As all transactions are out online, leaving no room for manual tampering. Additionally, stakeholders, including real estate agents and lawyers, can also benefit from this system as it streamlines the property registration process and reduces the time and effort required to complete the transactions. Overall, this online property registration system offers a more convenient, transparent, and efficient way to register properties, benefiting both homebuyers and stakeholders.
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