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RDA To Start 11 Mega Projects Worth Billions In 2023

Rawalpindi makes its strategic location primary thanks to adjacent boundaries with Islamabad. RDA reports show that Rawalpindi is a rapidly developing city with a growing real estate market. The city is home to a number of well-established and emerging residential and commercial projects in Rawalpindi. That have seen significant development in recent years. Here in collaboration with Asian Development Bank (ADB) RDA is To Start 11 Mega Projects Worth Billions In 2023. With crucial factors that contribute to the potential of Rawalpindi’s real estate market.

Timeline & Priority of the Mega Projects

Rawalpindi development Authority lays out the master plan to sketch planned timeline of the projects with respect to priority of the projects.
Following Mega Projects are state on priority by the RDA.

Green Rawalpindi Project

The first project that is on priority to be start is to make the environment of the city friendly, for this purpose, man-planted forests, trees and greenery will be grown in open areas of the city to a great extent. The total cost of this project is about 30 billion PKR.

Roadway Project (Lai Expressway)

The other most notable project is the Lai Expressway, which is also facing continuous delays for various reasons. The Lai Expressway project requires funds of PKR 25 billion.

Rawalpindi Ring Road (3R)

The third project out of the 11 Mega Projects is “Rawalpindi Ring Road”; The development of Rawalpindi Ring Road is likely to start between February and August 2023. The budget has not been ascertained due to plan and design changes.

Overhead Bridge Katchehri Chowk

Katchehri Chowk Dual Entryways Overhead Bridge alongside an Underpass project will also be initiated in February 2023 and will be furnished with a net expenses of PKR 6 Billion.

Rawalpindi Green Market

One of the Megaprojects of Rawalpindi includes the Rawalpindi’s dedicated Green Market Vegetable, Fruit, and Flowers market across the Rawat precincts of the Rawalpindi jurisdiction.

Children Bearing Hospital Rawalpindi

The projects are also reserved for health dedicated initiatives. For this Rawalpindi Children Bearing Hospital will also be among the plans for Mega Projects of Rawalpindi in 2023.

Rawalpindi Dialysis Hospital

Another health-reserved project is Rawalpindi dialysis Hospital. The project is among the 11 Megaprojects which is be developed in Rawalpindi, and its expected construction start is 6 months.

Water & Power Development Projects

RDA has included some water and power development plans for power generation and water needs of the city. These include:

  • Mujahid Dam
  • Dadu Chatta Dam
  • Papain Dam
  • Chahan Dam

Moreover, the plan and constructive works on the drinkable water supply to different parts of Rawalpindi will be start in 2023.

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