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Master Plan For Rawalpindi to be developed by RDA

Rawalpindi has become one of the major cities of Pakistan and being located close to Federal Capital Islamabad and fallen in the province of Punjab, Rawalpindi has witnessed a tremendous scope of urbanisation. The city has been experiencing rapid population growth over the years, which has put pressure on its infrastructure and services. For this, Master Plan For Rawalpindi to be develop by RDA are under consideration. notices an encouraging response from the stakeholders and property investors amid the announcement by the RDA.

Master Plan 2040 For Rawalpindi

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is the responsible for planning and executing development projects in Rawalpindi. The RDA has developed a Master Plan 2040 for the city that aims to guide its development over the next two decades. The plan includes strategies for the improvement of infrastructure, transportation, housing, and environmental sustainability.
Some of the key components of the Master Plan 2040 include:

Urban Development

The plan proposes to expand the city’s boundaries to accommodate its growing population. Urban expansion in Rawalpindi needs for different reasons, such as through the annexation of adjacent lands, the creation of new townships or suburbs, or the conversion of rural land to urban uses. RDA Approves new housing and commercial projects in Rawalpindi.


The plan includes the development of new roads, bridges, and flyovers to ease traffic congestion. It also proposes the construction of a metro system to provide mass transit. Bhara Kahu Bypass and Rawalpindi Ring Road are the examples of the plan.


The plan proposes the development of new housing schemes to provide affordable housing for the city’s residents. Apartments for sale on instalments are planned to be the part of housing needs fulfilment. New apartment buildings and multistory buildings with mix use are proposed to be built in Rawalpindi in the plan.


The plan aims to improve the city’s environment by developing parks, green spaces, and implementing waste management initiatives.

Overall, the Master Plan 2040 is aim at making Rawalpindi a more livable and sustainable city, capable of meeting the needs of its growing population. sees it as timely chance to invest in the city’s projects. For this, Rawalpindi can be an ideal haven for handsome ROI. We keep a track on development of new housing societies and commercial projects you can invest in. Dial 0304-111-0309 for further assistance.

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