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T And T ECHS Housing Society Transfer Fee And Possession Charges

Recently developed housing society in Islamabad, T and T ECHS residential project has added an aesthetic addition to ICT Landscape. The dedicated housing project has enabled the modern infrastructure to give an aura of modern living standards. Our Online Property Portal has studied the project and after several requests, we have scrutinized T And T ECHS Housing Society Transfer Fee And Possession Charges. Here we go to give you concise details of all the charges and payable concerns to get the unmovable property Transfer and registration.

Documents Required For Property Transfer

As of now the property affairs go with legalities defined by government of Pakistan and CDA (Capital Development Authority). The following legal documents are required to registered and transferred property. Normally, the property Transfer in Pakistan is known as “Inteqaal”. You will need to produce the following documents before Transfer of the property heirs.

  • Original Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • Proof of Payment Slip
  • Stamp Paper
  • Witnesses
  • Visual Presence of Both Buyer and Seller
  • Property Agreement (if any).

What is the Transfer Fee For T and T ECHS Property

The transfer fee is the amount paid by the seller when selling the land parcel, who must transfer ownership of the plot or other property to the buyer and therefore pay the transfer fee.

Residential Property Transfer Fee For T and T ECHS

Transfer fee for plots is PKR 100 per sq. ft. and for houses is PKR 500 per sq. ft.
Below are the company’s residential transfer fees:
In the case of an area of ​​200 m2. Yards, the seller has to pay a transfer fee of PKR 20,000/-. In the case of 200 m2. Villa house, transfer fee is PKR 100,000/- PKR 27000/-

  • For 272 Sq. Ft. transfer fee of PKR 27,000/- is payable for Yard Plots and PKR 136,000/- for a house.
  • The transfer fee for a plot of 356 sq. meter is PKR 36,000/- and for a house it is PKR 178,000/-.
  • You will sell 500 m2. If it is a house, you will have to pay PKR 250,000/- as transfer fee.


The annual fee applied for society for the charges that will be paid to administration against your residential plot.

  • Annual Fee for 200 Sq Yards plots: PKR 5,000
  • Annual Fee for 272 Sq Yards plots: PKR 5,000
  • Annual Fee for 356 Sq Yards plots: PKR 5,000
  • Annual Fee for 500 Sq Yards plots: PKR 5,000

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