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Kalma Chowk Underpass expected Opening Date: Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA)

The Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA) in Lahore is making efforts. To ensure that the roads surrounding Kalma Chowk are accessible for traffic. Kalma Chowk Underpass is anticipated to open at some point. According to the CEO of PCBDDA, the Punjab Boulevard project in the Central Business District is proceeding successfully, with two of its portions expected to be finished soon. Excavating work for a storage tank is currently taking place, and the underpass roof has already been cemented. In order to improve traffic flow and provide access to the recently built creative downtown, this remodelling project includes two underpasses and an overhead bridge.

Directive From CM Punjab

The Punjab Central Business Council must comply with a directive from the Chief Minister to make one side of the Kalma Chowk underpass operational by February 15, 2023 stretching from Barkat Market/Garden Town to Gulberg main boulevard/liberty roundabout. Engineer Riaz Hussain, the PCBDDA’s Executive Director (Technical)/Project Director, has given orders for the deployment of additional manpower to ensure construction work moves forward 24 hours a day in order to achieve this aim. The staff will make sure that the indicated lane is made suitable for motor vehicles and is totally focused on finishing this operation.

Constructional Work Almost Done

According to the news source, 60% of the first phase of the tunnel’s lintel has already been completed, our online property portal learns. The laying of the foundations, sub-bases, and asphalt. As well as the rigid pavement construction, were announced to be finished by February 15. The second underpass will then be created at the Centre Point. And the building work will then move to the remaining section of the underpass. By the end of the following month, the official predicted, these areas will be open to travel.

How This Infrastructure Will Improve Landscape and Property Value

Kalma Underpasses and flyovers can improve the landscape and property value in several ways. Firstly, these constructions can help to reduce traffic congestion, which can lead. To a more pleasant and safer environment for pedestrians, motorists, and drivers alike. This can make the surrounding area more attractive to potential property buyers or renters. Increasing the demand for properties and thus driving up property values.
Moreover, it can help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area by providing visually appealing and modern landscape. It can also be a significant draw for businesses and consumers alike, thus further increasing property values.

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