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Lahore Master Plan Declared Undeveloped 33,000 Acres of Housing Projects as green Space

Pakistan is facing a backlash from international critics over uncontrolled spread of land development. It also has caused a food famine alarm as the agricultural lands are being converted to the residential colonies. So, to control thus land development expansion, Lahore High Court directed a verdict to LDA for Lahore Master Plan Declared undeveloped 33,000 acres of Housing Projects as green Space. keeps an eye on proceedings of the project as it will benefit both investors and ordinary homebuyers. Let’s see how the Lahore City Master Plan will change the landscape preserving the environment naturally.

How Will the Master Plan Transform Lahore?

The Lahore Master Plan is subject to comprehensive land-use plan for the city of Lahore, Pakistan. One of the goals of the plan is to increase green vegetation space in the suburbs of the city, and it includes a target of adding 33,000 acres of green space near Kala Shah Kaku-Muridke and Kala Khatai regions.

Prime Objective of the Master Plan

The prime objective of the master plan is of a broader effort to make Lahore a more livable and sustainable city. Green spaces, such as parks and public gardens, provide numerous benefits to urban residents, including improved air quality, reduced heat island effect, and opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

Plan Strategies and Goals

The plan includes a number of strategies for achieving the goal of 33,000 acres of green space, such as creating new parks and nature reserves, preserving existing green spaces, and planting trees along roadsides and other public spaces. The plan also emphasizes the need to involve local residential colonies with promoting vertical building trend in the design and maintenance of green spaces, and to ensure that new green spaces are accessible and inclusive for all residents.

How the Green Plan to Attract Investment?

Implementing the Lahore Master Plan will require significant investment and cooperation between government agencies, private sector stakeholders, and local communities. However, if successful, it could have a major positive impact on the quality of life for Lahore’s residents and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient city. sees a highly returnable potential in investment in this green master plan of Lahore City.
If you want to dwell in Lahore City avoiding traffic saturation and poor air quality, then this master plan means to you. To know more for burying and booking apartment or plot here reach us through 0304-1110309 or explore our Online property portal.

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