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Saggian-Sharaqpur Road Project is inaugurated by CM Pervaiz Elahi

In this significant outskirt of Lahore, the local government has acclaimed a numerous strikes of repeated requests by the citizens to connect Lahore jurisdiction to Sharaqpur. The Saggian-Sharaqpur Road Project is a roadway construction project in Lahore, Punjab that aims to connect the Saggian Interchange on the Lahore Ring Road to the town of Sharaqpur Sharif city and Nankana-Jaranwala regions. The project was inaugurated by Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, the Chief Minister of Punjab during his tenure as Chief Minister. The project was initially completed in phases and was officially opened for traffic in 2009. However, new road expansion project is proposed now in 2023.

Why Saggian-Sharaqpur Road is Significant?

The Saggian-Sharaqpur Road in Lahore holds an important significance for transportation link for the region, connecting Lahore to the town of Sharaqpur Sharif. City and Provincial Governments are on one page to assess the crucial status of the route. So, the PTI-led Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi directed to assess scrutiny for building the project. The project laid a significance with the following reasons why this road is important:

Better Connectivity:

The road project has improved connectivity between Lahore and the surrounding areas, making it easier for people to travel to and from Lahore. This has also helped to promote economic growth in the region by facilitating the movement of goods and people.

Reduction in Traffic Congestion:

The Saggian-Sharaqpur Road has provided an alternative route for people. Traveling between Lahore and Sharaqpur Sharif, reducing traffic congestion on other roads and highways in the region.
Improved Transportation Facilities: The road project has provided better transportation facilities for the people of the region, including smoother and faster travel times, and improved safety for motorists.

Access to Agricultural Land:

The road passes through several agricultural areas, providing farmers with better access to markets for their produce and enabling them to transport their goods more efficiently.

Tourism Development:

The Saggian-Sharaqpur Road has also helped to promote tourism in the region, providing better access to historical and cultural sites such as the historic city of Sharaqpur Sharif and other nearby attractions.

How Real Estate Will Benefit From Saggian-Sharaqpur Road?

Overall, the Saggian-Sharaqpur Road is an important infrastructure development. For the region, providing better connectivity, transportation, and economic opportunities for the people of Punjab. Likewise, it will help develop surrounding and alongside areas in terms of real estate projects.


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