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Pakistan’s 1st digital Housing Census to Start In March

Pakistan conducted the last national census in 2017, which was conducted using a mix of traditional paper-based and digital methods. It was the Pakistan’s 1st digital Housing Census, and it involved the use of tablet computers and other digital devices for data collection. However, the ongoing census in March, 2023 will be Pakistan’s First Ever Pure Digital Census. Census is a vital tool for Pakistan to collect accurate and comprehensive data on their population, households, and living conditions.

Why Digital Census For Pakistan?

The digital census is consider a significant milestone for Pakistan as it will help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of data collection. It allows the government to gather more detailed and accurate information on the country’s population and demographics, which is essential for planning and policy-making.
It’s not clear when the next national census would be conduct in Pakistan, but now it is finalized that digital methods will continue. To play a more significant role in data collection and analysis in future. So, March 2023 was allocate as the month of Pakistan’s first census in the history.

You Can Register Yourself For Manual Entry

You can feed data for your family manually through the official digital platform launched by Statistical Bureau of Pakistan. You can visit to register yourself for self enumeration.

Why Census is Significant For Pakistan?

Here are some reasons why census is crucial for Pakistan.

Planning and Policy-making

Census data provides important information on population distribution, size, and characteristics. This data is essential for planning and policy-making in areas such as healthcare, education, housing, transportation, and social welfare. Governments use census data to identify population needs, plan for the future, and allocate resources effectively.

Electoral Purposes

Census data is also important for electoral purposes. It is used to determine the number of representatives in the national and regional legislatures, as well as to redraw electoral boundaries based on population changes.

Business and Economic Planning

Census data is also valuable for businesses and investors. It provides information on population demographics, such as age, sex, education, employment, and income levels more effectively. Additionally, census data can be use to analyze economic trends, such as consumer spending and employment patterns.

Social Research

Census data is use for social researchers to study a wide range of social phenomena. Such as migration patterns, fertility rates, and population trends. always trying to bring Best news & Updates regarding buying an apartment or plots. Our online property portal has list that which is best for you for ROI perspective or Investment based areas in Lahore to purchase or rent a flat.

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