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Housing Costs Increased By 40-70%–What is the Solution?

Unstoppable inflation, crumbling economy and dollar hikes have Housing Costs Increased construction expenses 40% to 70% compared to housing cost in 2018. Property development sector is under severe depression. Although this is the only sector as well that creates employment for many households, yet this sector is also struggling. However, the relieving news is that real estate and property construction sectors are still sustainable even though in harsh economic situations.

In such a scenario, when owning a house has become a tiring challenge, shares a practicable solution to cope with such economic shrinking time. Our analysts analyze that apartments are the ultimate solution to meet your residential needs in such an inflation-stricken condition. Let’s know what our property analysts crack to give you ideas to meet a viable solution for housing.

Buy or Rent Apartment

Unfortunately, no facts and figures show up to relieve the nation. Situation may even get worse in the coming months. So, constructing a single house may unexpectedly double up the costs. Though it’s a volatile probability to drain your budget out of estimation. Therefore, real estate advisors here at recommend the eager house making families to buy or rent out an apartment instead. You can find plenty of apartments for sale in Lahore and Islamabad. Moreover, apartments are also suitable for self-residency or tenancy with regular monthly ROI.

Reasons Why Apartment is an Ideal Choice

Our analysis is purely based on statistical facts and figures of real estate. We carefully mined property databases and statistics of last five years and concluded that apartments are far better and affordable than houses in terms of buying and living. Our findings show the worth of apartment possession for the following good reasons.

Low Price and Budget-Friendly

Compared to houses and villas, apartments are explicitly cheaper in terms of possession. The average house price in Pakistan has increased from 40 lakhs to 70 lakhs while apartment prices have merely risen from 30 lakhs to 40 lakhs. Further, apartments are budgetary for tenancy because rent charges of apartments are comparatively lower than houses for rent in Lahore.

Pre-Installed Utility Connections

Unlike houses and villas, apartments are available with utility connections with already NOC-approved developers. For instance, apartments for sale and rent in Kings Town and Lake City Lahore are developed by LDA approved property development companies. So, residents are regardless of the concern about electricity, gas and Internet connections.

Reliable Property Documents

Housing schemes sometimes tend to fraud and scams. A house may be subject to objectionable by the government authority like LDA or plot may be of disputed conflict. It may risk your hard-earned money. This way, apartments are free from such stresses. brings you only those apartment projects approved by the land record and government authorities.

Search apartments in your desired location with our property database-driven online property portal on or give us a phone call at 0304-111-0309 to get helped in finding apartments for sale in Lahore.

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