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E-Stamp Paper System in Pakistan: What You Need to Know

Stamp Paper is an official affidavit document according to the 1899 Act. It is a testimonial document produced as evidence of a dual signatory bond between two or more parties. Stamp Papers are frequently used in a wide array of cases and deals in Pakistan & India. Recently stamp paper’s effectiveness is comprised of fraudulent activities with fake cases. So, the government of Pakistan has decided to introduce an E-Stamp Paper to cope with fraudulent practices. Here you go for E-Stamp Paper System in Pakistan: What You Need to Know. Next-Home Realtors is to assist you in your threshold legal property affairs.

Implementation of the E-Stamp Paper

As of the rising cases of scams and fraudulent practices the traditional stamp paper had been abrogated. E-stamping has been launched in Pakistan with reported malpractices of signatory bonds. The digital-driven eStamp Paper will overcome fake practices and work with property buyers and sellers. The people who need to buy the stamp paper legal or potentially non-legal (not subject to court challenge) can now apply for the issuance thereof by using a PC through the official website of the ministry of interior affairs.

Process and Documents Required For EStamp Paper

The worth of the stamp paper is determined based on the information given by the purchaser (like land, real estate property, motor vehicle, business/private status), and so forth. You can go to your nearest registered eStamp agent. He will process your application on the estamp form online and execute the case on the desired estamp paper in terms of fee. Normally, Stamp paper starts from as low as Rs. 100 and goes up to Rs. 5000 depending on your accord.

Docs For E-Stamp Registration

The DC valuation affairs have been incorporated into the framework. You will need the Name of the buyer, seller, and the individual third party and authorized agent whose stamps being bought are placed into the framework alongside their CNIC numbers.

Digital Stamp Paper through Digital Means

A focal information base for the e-Stamp paper has likewise been built which has made the check interaction more straightforward for the residents. Preparing sub-recorders, stamp sellers, deed testimonials, and other applicable partners have been led by the e-stamp affair group. The Latest mobile application has likewise been launched for reviewers so they can undoubtedly confirm the e-Stamp paper and Challan-32-A on their behalf. Next-Home Realtors can help you assess the application and estamp regarding the mechanism.


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