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SECP authorizes the Modaraba Companies to Invest & Deal in Real Estate

A piece of leading news probably to be said a historical one is out there. Marking an amazing Breakthrough In the real estate sector, the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) finally allows the Modaraba companies to invest and deal in real estate and property development. The SECP has endorsed trade in real estate projects approved by the central development authorities such as Lahore Development Authority, Karachi Development Authority, and CDA. Next-Home Realtors is next ahead to help involve such companies in the real estate sector investment.

What is a Modaraba Company?

Modaraba is an Islamic finance practice that defines dealing and trade in profit-sharing terms investment. In Modaraba practice a lender or investor also called (Rab al Maal) and a debtor or investment manager (mudareb) get into a profit-sharing collaboration to undertake an initiative or investment opportunity. Under this bond, the rab al maal (investor) finances the monetary funds and the mudareb uses the professional, managerial and professional services to carry out the opportunity in lieu of investment for sake of the profit.

What are the New Amendments For Modaraba For Real Estate

The main theme of SECP amendments for the real estate sector is for a multipurpose Modaraba score. It tends to incite the interest of potential investors to invest in the land through the Modaraba companies. It depends on 33% (1/third) of the all-out resources of the Modaraba, the Modaraba will allow the accompanying circumstances:

  • The initiative will be made exclusively in resources perceived by development stakeholders’ convenience for better investment opportunities. For instance, LDA, KDA, and additionally some other development Experts in any city of Pakistan are directed to ease the process with NOC concerning land project investment by the Modaraba companies.
  • The amendment for investment is focally to develop properties for constructional or rental or mix (both rental and construction) projects of the real estate.
  • Minimum the two directors of the Modaraba company will have at least five years of serving in managing the land projects.
  • A valuation report from the unbiased assessors will be submitted as a testimonial.
  • The plan of the Modaraba companies must contain data connecting with the administration experience of real estate development as the Modaraba company in the land business, the kind of land venture to be attempted, possible areas of the land, and speculation targets.

Next-Home Can Help Modaraba Companies Find Opportunities

Next-Home Group of Real Estate Consultancy is here to assist potential and interested Modaraba Companies to guide them on how to invest in real estate opportunities in Pakistan. Our property-dedicated online portal on can find you plenty of real estate investment projects in Pakistan.

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