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Explore Beautiful Margalla Hills Through These Hiking Trails In Islamabad

In the list of world’s most beautiful capitals—Islamabad ranks at No.2 thanks to its scenic exquisiteness and artificial embellishments. The resplendent vista of ICT (Islamabad Capital Territory) casts a spellbound impression on the visitors. If you’re exploration lover, then Explore Beautiful Margalla Hills Through These Hiking Trails In Islamabad. You will find a gorgeous resplendence with awe-inspiring landscape. This is the reason for which real estate investment is worthwhile.

Best Hiking Trails in Islamabad

There are notably many worth visiting hiking trails in Islamabad which are being frequently explored by the local and foreign hikers for the purpose of excursion or hiking.  A brief explanation about the amazing trails we discuss below:

Pir Sohawa Trail

Pir Sohawa Trail ranks at No. 1. It is considered as steeper and sturdier as compare to the other trails in Islamabad. The starting point is in front of National Defense University, sector E/8 and terminus takes you to the apex of Pir Sohawa road almost within 2 hours or so. Visitors will explore three ridges across the trail before reaching atop destination, Pir Suhawa. The top ridge further leads you to Talhar village. The second ridge paves your way towards Sinyari Village which goes behind E-10 Sector Islamabad. The final ridge accompanies the you by Pir Suhawa.

Islamabad Zoo Trail

Trail No. 2 is recently revamped by the horticulture and forest departments collaboratively. This mesmerising track is engulfed by beautiful greenery of trees, herbs and shrubs. For a distance of 1.5 hours, it conveys the hikers to Daman-e- Koh viewpoint—a breath-taking vista for the visitors.

Margalla Trail

The Margalla Trail starts from Sector F-6, at the shore from Margalla Road. Owing to steeper trail, it renders to be a little bit challenging for the hiker. Within 30-50 minutes hiking, you will come to the spot here at Pir Sohawa. To further you will need to cover another 45-60 minutes of hiking to arrive at a foodie stopover.

Faisal Mosque Backside Trail

Most of the tourists are unfamiliar with the entrance of city-center spot of Islamabad walking trail. The starting threshold of this trail starts from the behind patg of Faisal Mosque Sector E-7. The unique aspects of the trail is that it offers a dedicated pathway for mountain biker. Furthermore, it gives adventure-filled bird-eye spectacular view to amuse excursion-lovers, bikers and hikers.m

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