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POREF Is Bringing Profitable Investment Opportunities for Overseas Pakistanis

Pakistani diaspora has proved to be an as successful community in business and trade around the world. Overseas Pakistanis are an integral asset for the country’s foreign remittance exchange. Pakistani from all over the world send billion dollars to Pakistan to add a summable amount to the nation’s wellbeing. Though, Govt. of Pakistan has planned to reciprocate nourish investment opportunities in the country. In this context, POREF is Bringing Profitable Investment Opportunities for Overseas Pakistanis. There are several investment opportunities here to invest, however, the real estate sector in Pakistan has enormous potential for overseas Pakistanis. Previous government PTI has bestowed an initiative to assimilate foreign Pakistanis into the mainstream to support the GDP of the country. So, the real estate arena paves an energetic potential to ignite a standstill development of Pakistan.

To make a better understanding of the POREF, let’s discover what is POREF and how it is helping overseas Pakistan in creating and easing chances for investment in Pakistan.

What is POREF?

POREF stands for Pakistan Overseas Real Estate Forum. It is one of the latest initiatives in the real estate development segment that has flourished to facilitate overseas Pakistanis and foreigners to attract investment in the country’s real estate industry. POREF is an online forum that works like a connecting bridge between willing foreign investors and Pakistani overseas. It’s a digital platform for international direct investments in Pakistan in property and real estate development projects. Whatever the property-pertained case is, everything you can find with POREF to start your investment venture; being far away.

POREF is a Consortium of Real Estate Investment Opportunities

There are several real estate projects underway in the market to aid potential buyers and sellers in making promising choices yielding high ROI (Return of Investment). POREF has established itself as a co-venture of public and private partnerships. A good number of well-reputed real estate companies in Pakistan have joined the platform. For some of the most reliable real estate companies in the Pakistani property sector, Next-Home Real Estate Consultancy is working hard to introduce some contemporary, international real estate trends to the potential audience. As part of its sincere commitment to incorporating social assimilation. POREF also integrates data and collective property database to facilitate international investors to hunt an appealing opportunity in Pakistan.

Functionality of POREF

POREF does more than just bring the property project search results, but also the best real estate developments with real-time investment procedures and professional assistance. With POREF you may also take the initiative to get your plot buying file processed. With its clients about the critical challenges, opportunities, and solutions associated with the real estate industry, POREF is aiding investors to empower their investment to yield the best choices on their own accord of investment.

Virtual Online Presence Through POREF (Investment Opportunities)

Pakistanis living abroad have great concern for their motherland. That which why Ex-PM Imran Khan took them into confidence to collaborate with the POREF. The forum aids overseas investors to invest in Pakistan through its virtual assistant online CMS (Content Management System).
With the help of POREF’s dedicated interface, you can avail yourself a great opportunity to advertise your real estate venture or property development projects for 15 days simultaneously in three countries such as the UK, the USA, and CANADA on digital signage screens around the famous squares and public points along with expo, the tradeshows, and exhibitions.

POREF is a useful tool to exhibit your advertisement online to reach the global investors’ community. Prestigious newspapers and media outlets have already acknowledged Pakistan’s growing real estate opportunities. That will render the international investors learn about the potential opportunities in Pakistan for real estate and property projects. Though, potential investors can easily invest through POREF. QR Code and other dealing affairs are equipped with the POREF platform. Moreover, platforms like POREF are govt.-led that provide a riskless opportunity to offer incredible and scam-free, and real projects of real estate to the business community living abroad. It relieves their concerns as they are guaranteed to invest in real estate or any other branch of property confidently and without any reluctance.

What Real Estate Projects Ensured By POREF (Investment Opportunities)?

Thanks to the Government of Pakistan’s commemorating initiatives, POREF was established for Pakistan’s overseas real estate investors. The forum for overseas investors is bringing both investors and buyers on one page to make investments in Pakistan richer and easier, this is more convenient with opportunities around the world. For this purpose:
POREF has been integrated with the Roshan digital account through which foreign Pakistanis can invest in the Apna Ghar Scheme. First time in its history, the Govt. has launched Roshan Digital Account to facilitate international investors to invest in Pakistan. RUDA (Ravi Urban Development Authority) also comes under the POREF investment list.


In the end, we say there is no longer of difficulty for overseas and international investors to invest in Pakistan. POREF is more viable for the investors to invest in Pakistan’s hot-market — real estate with a trust bond.

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