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Everything You Need to Know About Amenity Plots in Pakistan

Property business gains a propelling boost during the SBP (State Bank of Pakistan) policy on the interest rate. Potential investors nowadays, prefer to invest in the real estate sector rather than stashing their money in the bank. So, property development has skyrocketed amid the rule of the State. Amenity plots, in this context, have greater leverage in helping an area being developed. Local govt., provincial govt., and even the federal govt. hold amenity plots around every district and Tehsils in Pakistan. The role of amenity plots turns not only dedicated to the welfare of the local residents but also boosts the value of surrounding areas in terms of property worth. For this, Next-Home Realtors Lahore brings you an extensive guide on everything you need to know about amenity plots in Pakistan. This blog will broaden your spectrum on how to assess government-owned plots.

What is an Amenity Plot?

In the introductive paragraph above, we have briefed you about the amenity plots. Let’s define it in legal terms. An Amenity plot is reserved for public use and owned by a local or federal govt. The plots are dedicated by the govt (s) for the construction of public offices (TMA Office, NADRA, Water Filtration Plant, or any other public place). In more volatile terms, amenity plots are also allotted to multinational conglomerates such as Petroleum Station, international missions, etc. for the public. A broader land tract inside or around a city can also be termed as amenity land that may be allotted for universities, hospitals, and any other govt. institutions.

Legal Jurisdiction of Amenity Plot

In face of the law, an amenity plot is a govt. property. Occupying, constructing, or using it is labeled as a critical offense of encroachment. The govt. authorities have legal rights to bulldoze and demolish the built setup on it. No one is allowed to build or use the land unless legally permitted by the authorized govt. bodies. You must not be involved in any buying-selling activities of a commercial or residential property pertained to an amenity plot. For a better understanding of amenity plots, you must consult with a legal advisor on property. You may also visit visually or virtual an e-presence of an authorized body to verify the legal status of a plot. LDA, KDA, CDA, MDA, and FDA or other bodies can help you know about the plots.

How to Benefit from Amenity Plots

Amenity plots are not at all purchasable, transferrable, or exchangeable as per the law of Pakistan. Therefore, it is also important for a real estate investor before buying land to verify its validity as an amenity plot. Some cases have been reported where fraudulent activities were witnessed selling amenity plots on the pretext of the sellable property. However, amenity plots can be beneficial for the local residents because the plots increase the worth of the private properties around them.

Real Estate Investor and Amenity Plots

A real estate investor and amenity plots have tactical bonding in terms of ROI (Return on investment). In an intuitive approach, amenity plots are a great source to boom the neighboring properties and land worth thanks to the future or current presence of govt.-owned institutes. Next-Home Group of Properties holds a record of amenity plots to give a better understanding of opportunities to invest in specific areas.

Amenity Plots May Be Leasable

Amenity plots can be obtained on the lease unless the govt. notifies you to evacuate the land for govt.-led construction. You can put an investment to erect a marquee or other movable business on an annual or monthly rental lease. Pakistan Railways, Highways, and local governments are authorized to lease their land for the sake of additional revenue to the govt.

Govt. Takes Initiatives For Amenity Plots

For the years, some occupants had predated the amenity lands across Pakistan. So, to confront such a trend of occupation, Govt. of Pakistan has taken a stringent initiative to launch a pragmatic operation against the illegal possession of the amenity plots. President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi has dealt with this issue seriously and the Supreme Court also issues a verdict to demolish the unauthorized positions on the land.


Amenity plots and illegal possessions have seriously jeopardized the growth of the cities. It has messed up with people’s well-being due to the occupation of the plots dedicated to them. City plantation, urban forestry, pathetic horticulture, and parks are sourced by amenity plots’ violated construction policies. Not only this, as people illegally possess the amenity plots around the cities so it. Put a hazardous impact on the environment as well. Therefore, people should prevent from occupying the govt. properties and plots for the present and future of their children. Preserving amenity plots not only grows the worth of properties around it. But also is helpful in the aesthetic landscape of the city around it.

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