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Al Kabir Town – an Excellent Choice For Living!

In search of better living opportunities with standards at an affordable price range, out there are a couple of good housing projects in Lahore. Al-Kabir town comes amongst the top-rated residential projects. The project is favorable for both tiers—investment and commercial plus residential. Since its successful launch from Phase I Al Kabir town is considered to be an excellent choice for living. Thanks to a weighable experience a thorough plan has been rendered to bring some amazing additions to Lahore’s landscape with residential developing areas around the city. Wherever, you go whatever your housing choice is, Al Kabir Town offers some well-rounded viabilities for your investment and living needs.

Al Kabir Town Phases

The Developers and stakeholders of Al-Kabir Town are committed to providing the best housing standards in Lahore and Islamabad. Their optimizable glance has chosen plenty of collaborative shareholdings in other developers’ projects. So, you can find Al-Kabir developers’ presence around the towns as mentioned in the earlier paragraph. Al-Kabir Town is spread over different locations around Lahore and its vicinity. Let’s visit the Al Kabir town phases across Lahore.

Al-Kabir Town Phase I

After leaving distinctive imprints of triumphal launch in Islamabad, so the advent prevailed to Lahore for making first in order to develop Al-Kabir Town Phase I in Raiwind Road, near Bahria Town Lahore. Next-Home Realtors Lahore entwines with Al Kabir Town in Residential projects with a marketing strategy to highlight properties for sale in Al-Kabir town Lahore.

Layout Plan (Plot Cutting)

In Al-Kabir Town phase I, the following layout plan for plot demarcation for residential plans.

Al-Kabir Town Phase II

Moving forward with the awe-inspiring development of Phase II, Al-Kabir developed another raw land tract again at Raiwind Road Lahore opposite Lake City. A gem of artistic land of modern architecture developed with the opulent turf around the phase. Phase II is ideally peaceful with tranquil surroundings on the location map. The noteworthy aspect of this phase is its location with more exquisite neighboring than the previous phase. Next-Home Group of Properties has acquired some chanceful plots for sale in al-Kabir town in its blocks A, B, C, & D. Come and see our directory to choose the plot of your desire.

Layout Plans in Phase II

3 Marla
5 Marla
7 Marla
8 Marla

Al Kabir Town Phase III

Here we go with the venture of Al-Kabir Developers. Kings Town is a hosting area where Al-Kabir Town Phase III was developed.

With a master plan to present a living place for the people of average income by bringing a deluxe housing plan with everything for every homebuyer who comes to invest and live here. Engulfed by eminent universities, medical facilities, and Phase III of Al-Kabir Town flings up a bunch of efflorescence opportunities for the real estate investors. For the homebuyers, Kings Town and Al-Kabir Town Phase 3 (inside Kings Town) is an ideal choice to buy a residential plot for sale in al-Kabir town, for your next home in Lahore. Next-Home Real Estate Consultancy aids potential buyers and investors to buy plots, houses, villas, or apartments in town and Kingdom Mall because the project not only offers raw plots but also built houses, villas, and even apartments that are optionable for your residential needs.

Layout and Housing Plans in Phase III

3-Marla Residential Plots
5-Marla Residential Plots
Commercial Plots

Kingdom Mall & Apartments

Nowadays apartments are up trending owing to easy purchase and procurement. So, al-Kabir Town phase 3 offers a multistory building Kingdom Mall. The building was erected with 9 floors of a high-rise building to extend dedicated floors for residential apartments.
1-Bedroom Apartments in Kingdom Mall
Studio Apartments in the Kingdom Mall

Al-Kabir Town Phase V Maryam Town

Al-Kabir Developers tie the consociating knot to flourish a wonder marvel in Maryam Town Raiwind Road with its phase 5. Mapped inside Maryam Town, you can scrutinize the worthwhile location of the phase assessing surrounding localities. Kings Town, Bahria Town, Bhoptian Chowk, Valencia, and Beaconhouse Society, the phase offers a wide spread of culminated highest developed plans around the town. Builders kept in view the climaxed worthiness of the project for both residents and investors. Next-Home Property Advisors has been assisting plenty of homebuyers and investors to get al Kabir town plots for sale for the residential and commercial plots with higher ROIs.

Layout & Residential Options in Phase 5

3-Marla Built Villas
Next Villas & Safari Villas
The layout of Commercial Plots in Phase V Al-Kabir Town

Next-Home Realtors is Next of You to Assist

Being a professional property syndicate, Next-Home Realtors incorporate side by side with Maryam Town and Al-Kabir Town phase for all-around housing plans in the society. Next-Home Real Estate Consultancy Services induct with the developers in marketing plans to deal with buying-selling affairs in all phases developed by the Al Kabir developers. Next-Home also offers a professional advisory aid to the investors and builders to invest in the phases and other real estate projects around Lahore. Our e-Property portal helps you know ongoing and upcoming property ventures across Pakistan for you to choose the right investment plan.

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