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How Overseas Pakistanis Are Facilitated Back Home?

Pakistan stands amongst those countries that share a multitude of skilled professionals overseas around the globe. The Majority of Pakistan-origin diaspora lives in the EU (European Union), US, Canada, Middle East and Malaysia. Their problems, especially land and property transfer, have been a serious matter of concern for the government and themselves. Corrupt bureaucracy is solely responsible for the country’s illegal occupation and property rights theft. However, the change is seeping ahead to bring about the transition of the case resolutions. In this post, taking the same issues, we will elaborate on How Overseas Pakistanis Are Facilitated Back Home. In this regard, Govt. of Pakistan established OPF in 1979 to secure and facilitate the legal rights of the foreign-living Pakistanis. Somehow, the recent developments in this context have brought encouraging changes among overseas Pakistanis.

How Redefined Govt. Policies are Facilitating Overseas Pakistanis?

Since the 70s and so on up until now, the Pakistani govt has been tailoring new policies and redefining annexes to facilitate foreign Pakistanis. In recent years, Pakistan Foreign Department has announced on the occasion that under-observation is that the overseas Pakistanis are the ‘core asset’ of the country. So, giving them relief is adding Pakistanis into the national stream. So, the following facilitative policies are underway to sort out the problems of the Pakistanis living across the borders.

  • Overseas Pakistani Property Transfer Problems
  • Online Real Estate Sale-Purchase Issues
  • Overseas Pakistanis inmates in foreign jails
  • Airport Front desk facilitation
  • Child Registration
  • Education
  • Foreign employment Issues
  • Call Sar-Zameen

Overseas Pakistani Property Transfer Problems

In taking the foremost appeals by the Overseas Pakistanis, Govt. of Pakistan has been introducing IT-driven smart solutions to sort out the problems they face back in their homeland. There had been no forum in Pakistan, especially in Punjab province, where foreign Pakistanis could get help to resolve their genuine grievances remedied.
Embassies across the world are relieving the overseas Pakistanis by offering smart solutions in collaboration with NADRA. The foreign offices deal with the following problems to meet the resolution for the families facing problems mainly as mentioned below:

  • Property and real estate disputes and plot conflicts in the housing societies
  • Property Inheritance Transfer Problems
  • Criminal Court Cases
  • Landline connections and their respective problems
  • Electricity and Internet connections/problems
  • Sui Gas connections/problems
  • WASA connections
  • Complaints Against the Travel Agents & Airlines concerned Problems
  • Employment Disputes and Compensation cases
  • Financial and Banking related matters and disputes
  • NADRA related matters
  • Co-operative housing Societies claims
  • Legal Advisory services, general guidance and any other type of complaints

How is NADRA Playing an Integral Role in Facilitating the Foreign Pakistanis?

It is the need of the hour to merge overseas Pakistanis into the mainstream. Rather they get disgusted with the official bodies, the Pakistani govt. has reintroduced the emergence of viable IT solutions to meet the satisfaction level of the Pakistani diaspora outside. PTI Govt. has been laying emphasis on the fact that we needn’t go to the IMF frequently or even for the rest of the future for the sake of loans if we cater to the problems of the Pakistani foreign community. It is from the analyzed sources if Pakistani asset is acknowledged appropriately.
In this context, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has played an integral role in sorting out the issues confronted by internationally living Pakistan. Land and Record Registration is instrumental in offering digital solutions to problems faced by different segments of the international society. NADRA deserves credit for covering another milestone in facilitating Overseas Pakistanis around the globe.

Core Services To Pakistani Diaspora Offered By NADRA

NADRA Pak Identity ( provides an online services facility for Overseas Pakistani nationals can get their ID card pocessed from their offices or home at their convenience. The modern process is very convenient and simple; even the fingerprints and official documents are viable to be uploaded via the Pak Identity Android and iPhone App. Applications can be submtted in the following categories via

National Identity card (For Pakistanis residing Overseas/Dual Nationals) – NICOP

(a) Apply for a Fresh/New Identity card (NICOP)
(b) Apply for the reprint request for your national identity card (NICOP) in case you have lost it
(c) Alter and update data on your identity card (NICOP) such as spouse name or marital status, home address, etc.
(d) Renewal of the national identity card (NICOP)

POC- For the non-Pakistanis with Pakistani origin citizen either by parental lineage, marriage or renounced. Pakistani Nationsal Citizenship.

(a) Application for Fresh or updated POC
(b) Application for alteration/Resubmission of POC

• Family Registration Certificate (FRC)
• Cancellation of Identity Prove due to Renunciation of Nationality.
• Verification of existing Identity document
• Verification of Succession certificate
• Legal Heirs Biometric verification for Succession certificate.
• For Power of Attorney

Final Words

According to assessment and analytical reports, about 1 lakh Pakistani nationals visit Pakistan Missions in foreign territories every year concerning the property and power of transfer and other attorney pertained issues. For this reason, the Pakistani Govt. is now bringing an innovative web-based solution powered by the NADRA to bring fast-track solutions through online biometrics verification and virtual appearance for the hearing of court cases. Real estate and property experts postulate that such initiatives will encourage foreign Pakistanis to invest in the land development and real estate sectors, making them feel secure and comfortable. This will surely bring an enormous influx in economic revival.

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